Ramsay MacKay

Ramsay MacKay - pic supplied by Andrew King, September 1999
What say you, Ramsay MacKay?
What ever happened to Freedoms Children?
In your time, you had the best band in the land.
-- Jonathan Handley
from 'Yeoville Canticle' by The Glee Club, 1996
"Hello, Jonathan, here I am with a band called 'the fumes' on a music download site called www.tunetribe.com."
-- Ramsay MacKay, June 2005


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Born in Scotland in 1946, he moved to South Africa in 1953. Ramsay is the tortured genius of South African rock. He is a singer, songwriter, poet and musician. Currently living in Scotland, though he does visit SA on occasion.


Ramsay's songs have been performed by a variety of artists including Freedoms Children, Hawk, Wildebeest, Margaret Singana, Piet Botha, Jack Hammer, Rabbitt, Harambee, The Brian Davidson Band and others.

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