Ramsay MacKay
Suburbs Of Ur

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  1. St Judas
  2. Its the fashion (its the most)
  3. Tarzan and the humans
  4. The witchdoctor of Hillbrow
  5. I like the rebel
  6. Babylon
  7. Eyes of Zimbabwe
  8. Crocodile chant
  9. Benny the side car man
  10. Silent water
  11. Mumbo jumbo
  12. The blind boys of the mist


  • Vocals, electric, bass and acoustic guitars - Ramsay Mackay
  • Violin, dulcimer, tenor and alto sax, acoustic guitar, penny whistle, harmony vocals and viola - Dave Tarr
  • Drums - George Spencer and Colin Pratley
  • Bass Guitar on Saint Judas and I Like the Rebel - Ronnie Robot
  • Lead Guitar on Mumbo Jumbo - Trevor Rabin
  • Voice and end of Mumbo Jumbo - Brian Davidson
  • Backing vocals on Silent Water - Silver Creek Band
  • Engineers - Tony Manuel, Graham Handley, Hennie Hartman, Julian Laxton and Greg Cutler

    All Songs by Ramsay Mackay
    Produced by Ramsay Mackay

Release information:

1982, Principal


Thanks to Andrew King for all the info and cover scan.

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