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Headlight Dreams

Released 7th May 2021.
Headlight Dreams
Headlight Dreams, 7th May 2021


  1. CRAZY RIVER (3:36)
  2. WIND IN YOUR HAIR (4:09)
  3. DON’T WAIT (4:01)
  4. TRAIN DON’T RUN (7:33)
  5. SEVEN ROSES (4:45)
  6. GET OUT OF MY HEART (4:08)
  7. THE LOST AND FOUND (2:56)
  9. HEAVY WEATHER (3:07)
  10. QUEEN BEE MAYBE (4:34)

All songs written by Steve Louw.


  • Steve Louw: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Rob McNelley: electric guitars
  • Kevin McKendree: piano, Hammond organ
  • Alison Prestwood: bass guitar
  • Greg Morrow: drums and percussion
  • Joe Bonamassa: lead guitar on “Wind In Your Hair”

Wind In Your Hair