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Steve Louw & Big Sky - Beyond The Blue

Released on 9th September 2002 by SonyMusic, catalogue number CDEPC 8223. Produced by Kevin Shirley.
Steve Louw & Big Sky - Beyond The Blue
Steve Louw & Big Sky - Beyond The Blue, September 2002


  1. Flying
  2. Carry Me To You
  3. Chainsaw Blues
  4. Your Love
  5. Shadows
  6. The Road Ahead
  7. The Story of Vicky And Dan
  8. You Are In Heaven
  9. Come Back Baby
  10. MP3
  11. Black Sun

All songs written by Steve Louw.


  • Steve Louw: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Anton Fig: drums, percussion
  • Keith Lentin: bass, harmonica, acoustic guitar on track 9
  • Blondie Chaplin: guitars, vocals
  • Pat Thrall: guitars
  • Adam Holzman: keyboards


MP3 at SAmp3

Seems we have a new theme song at! It is called 'MP3', and it is by Steve Louw. 'MP3' is one of the songs on 'Beyond The Blue', the just-released fourth studio album by Steve Louw and Big Sky.

'MP3' offers Steve Louw's view on this new way of promoting music online. 'Beyond The Blue' has 11 songs including 'Flying', 'Chainsaw Blues', 'The Road Ahead' and 'The Story Of Vicky And Dan', and features drummer Anton Fig (ex-Hammak, ex-Spider, currently with Paul Schafer's house band on the David Letterman Show in the USA), Keith Lentin (ex-Alpha Set, ex-Hammak, ex-Spider, bass), Blondie Chaplin (ex-Flames, ex-Beach Boys, ex-Rolling Stones, guitar, backing vocals), Pat Thrall (ex-Asia, ex-Meatloaf, ex-Hughes/Thrall, guitar), Adam Holzman (ex-Miles Davis, ex-Chaka Khan, piano and keyboards), and Steve Louw on acoustic guitar and vocals. 'Beyond The Blue' was produced and mixed by Kevin Shirley at Hit Factory in New York City.

Here's an extract from the lyrics of the song 'MP3':

"The MP3 means a lot to me,
I'm back on my feet,
I'm not down on my knees;
The MP3 means a lot to me,
You get your tunes,
I get my royalties." is about promoting and marketing SA music online to encourage sales of CDs in South Africa and internationally. Many SA labels and artists already understand this, and is getting flooded with songs from new, unsigned, and unheard artists, as well as old campaigners like Steve Louw, Koos Kombuis, Roger Lucey, Piet Botha, Sons Of Trout and Anton Goosen.

Stephen Segerman & Brian Currin, 14 September 2002

"An impressive effort from Louw, one of this country's best and most confident song writers, … marries the sounds of early U2, Tom Petty and Rodger Waters with the strains of Louw's acoustic guitar … This fine album is proudly South Africa."

Review of Big Sky's latest release Beyond the Blue

Beyond the Blue sal Steve Louw & Big Sky se aanhangers ook gelukig maak.

Theunis Engelbrecht

Louw is onmiskenbaar en onteenseglik in oorspronklike, begaafde en produktiewe rockliedjieskrywer wat deur die jare al outentieke radiotreffers soos "One cut with a knife" en "Strange room" ingeryg het.

Gabriel Bothma

Big Sky - still a favourite of mine. Steve and co went Slow Dancing with my listeners.

Leigh Barrett
KRVM radio station in Oregon USA

Big Sky … an exceptional live act with an arsenal of renowned musicians sharing the stage.

Christina Kennedy

Needing little introduction, Big Sky is a local music legend, and they are still pulling out all the top-notch stops.


Steve Louw is a world-class talent … a true national treasure.


Big Sky's songs capture the unique imagery and retell it in a rock 'n roll, jeans, cowboy boots way.


Steve Louw & Big Sky are well known names in the area of South African contemporary rock. Steve debuted in 1984 with All Night Radio's "The Heart's The Best Part", an album overseen by E- Streeter and Springsteen sidekick, Steven van Zandt.

In April 2002 Steve arrived in New York City to complete recording on his 7th album.
As usual an impressive ensemble of musicians we're gathered to meet with producer Kevin Shirley (Louws old sidekick) and before anyone even realised it , Steve Louw & Big Sky had begun work on their next album "Beyond The Blue".

A few weeks later 'Beyond The Blue' was created and ready to return home....

Described by Steve as a "Black & Blue rock album", this record carries a character of it's own, moving through layers of laid back blues rock through to more upbeat contemporary and folky storytellers.

'Beyond The Blue''s introductory track "Flying" begins the album from a point of depth and reflection, the lyrics (although clearly of deep personal meaning to the writer) carry relevance for all of us. This flavour is continued into "Carry Me To You" a serene track, lyrically offering a hopeful return to one's lost love.

"Chainsaw Blue's" moves the album into Blues Rock with the warm presence of a character filled lead guitar accompanying the quirky lead vocal. "Your Love" a sentimental ballad brings us back to a straight blues sound, the smoothness of this track is hypnotic and allows the listener an insight into the heart of Steve Louw.

Next up is "Shadows" a track initially draped in ambience, that grows into a determined yet tragic love story. "The Road Ahead" the album's first radio single is next up, a more typical Steve Louw track, this song echoes the determination of the artist, symbolising strength through Rock n Roll ("She's still young we're getting old ...").

"The Story of Vicky and Dan" brings the album's storytelling aspect to a head with the charming story of a young couple getting together in the romantic, poverty stricken world of the artist and musician - does it have a happy ending ?? - you'll have to listen for yourself. Steve confesses that this track was actually inspired by the story of Charlize Theron and her rise to stardom from Jo'burgs East Rand to Hollywood.

"You Are In Heaven" a beautiful lullaby about a loved one lost, the emotions conveyed in this track are illustrated in a way all of us will well appreciate when we face a similarly bitter day.

"Come Back Baby" echoes the final section of the record, with a Steve Louw typical blues guitar and vocal hook, Blondie Chaplin features prominently on backing vocals, adding to the melodrama of a man's love and loss.

Next is "MP3", an upbeat folky sounding construction of a modern themed story about a broke musician associating himself with the newer wider world of the modern record industry. The song actually gives some rather good advice for young muso's starting out .. - what is that advice ?? buy the record ...!!

And finally into "Black Sun" almost a blues standard, and an appropriate ending to an album tainted with emotion and carried by the song writing skill of one of the strongest musical heads in South African rock.

"Beyond The Blue" has been constructed to be a quality product for quality people, produced by Kevin Shirley in New York City and featuring amongst the best in former South African blues rock musicianship and technology. Buy it, listen to it, be inspired by it .....

Reprinted from: SA Sounds