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A 59 track, 3 CD set of the cream of South African Rock, from the early '70s through to the '90s.

The Best Of SA Pop

3 Double CDs of the very best of South African Pop and Rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's

Best Of South African Pop 1
Best Of South African Pop 1

Best Of South African Pop 2
Best Of South African Pop 2

Best Of South African Pop 3
Best Of South African Pop 3


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Classic South African
Pop And Rock Songs

A collection of classic pop and rock songs from
the history of South African music.

1939-1975 | 1976-1989 | 1990-1999 | 2000-2002


  • Sittin' (Take Me Home) - Toxic Shame (Buckley/ du Toit) [5.31]
    Rhythm Online - South African Online Music Store

    Jon Buckley: guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards/ Deon du Toit: vocals, guitars, bass

    This song needs to be played in front of 50 000 bic-waving fans - its that kind of song. This 5-minute plus track builds slowly into an epic stadium crowd pleaser. The chorus of "I'm tired and take me home" would make an ideal show closer. This is a song that I could quite easily imagine Bon Jovi, the Scorpions or Aerosmith singing... The original demo version was recorded in April 1999 and was over 6 minutes long. Universal Music signed Toxic Shame in early 2000 and they re-recorded 'Sittin' (Take Me Home)'. The album 'Full Circle' was released in December 2000.


  • Crazy Over You - Zen Arcade (Cleland/Donaldson/McKenzie/Mathie) [4.28]
    Rhythm Online - South African Online Music Store

    Andrew Cleland: drums/ Alistair Mathie: bass/ James Donaldson: guitar/ Ian McKenzie: vocals, guitar/ Lizzie Rennie: viola/ Jacqueline Finlay: cello
    Soaring, soulful and touchingly vulnerable vocals on their addictively melodic first single, which stood tall among the many other worthy contributions on the 'Showcase 3: Unearthed' new SA Class of '01 rock mixture CD. - Stephen Segerman, August 2001
  • Set Of Wheels (Karoo Anthem) - Karen Zoid (Zoid) [2.51]
    Karen Zoid: vocals, guitar/ Jono Hall: drums/ Don Reinecke: guitars/ Woody Swart: bass
    Rhythm Online - South African Online Music Store

    The remarkably mature and consistently unboring album 'Poles Apart' opens in stirringrock style with the rough, dramatic guitar chords of 'Set of Wheels (KarooAnthem)' , which drove off with the SA Rock Digest 'Song Of The Year'for 2001. Our new favourite South African road song warns us that we're offon a Zoidian journey through contemporary SA. - Stephen Segerman, December 2001


  • Gasoline - Seether (Seether)
    Shaun Morgan (ne Welgemoed): vocals, guitar/ Dale Stewart: bass, vocals/ Nick Oshiro: drums
    Rhythm Online - South African Online Music Store

    Saron Gas became Seether and 'Gasoline' stormed to the top of the SA Rock Digest charts.
    Searing grunge guitars clash head on with Cobain-inspired vocals, spouting disturbed lyrics that bubble up in a pool of boiling anger.
    -- Stephen Segerman, December 2002 on SAfm

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