Toxic Shame
Full Circle

Toxic Shame - Full Circle


  1. Mirror Of Lies
  2. Always Outta Reach
  3. Sittin' (Take Me Home)
  4. Incompleted
  5. The Night Lives in Your Eyes
  6. On Parole
  7. I Saw I Conquered I Came
  8. Not Guilty
  9. Postcard Picture People
  10. Use It On Me
  11. Time
  12. Let You Go
  13. Loser
  14. Devil's Daughter
  15. Rev It Up

All tracks composed by Buckley/du Toit except 'The Night Lives in Your Eyes' by Buckley/ Day and 'Let You Go' by Buckley.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Jon Buckley at Sonovision Studios, Rivonia, Johannesburg.


  • Deon du Toit: vocals, guitars, bass
  • Jon Buckley: guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards

  • Rafe Lavine and Chris Venter: additional shouts, screams and sometimes backing vocals

Release information:

December 2000, Universal CDSRBL 280

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Retro-rock with a 90s feel... these guys wear their influences right out in the open. Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Deep Purple, Golden Earring, Motley Crue, Marc Bolan and more. Toxic Shame's original songs with searing guitar work and soaring Freddie Mercury-inspired vocals will appeal to a wide rock audience.

'Sitting' needs to be played in front of 50 000 bic-waving fans - its that kind of song. This 5-minute plus track builds slowly into an epic stadium crowd pleaser. The chorus of "I'm tired and take me home" would make an ideal show closer. This is a song that I could quite easily imagine Bon Jovi, the Scorpions or Aerosmith singing... The original demo version was recorded in April 1999 and was over 6 minutes long. Universal Music signed Toxic Shame in early 2000 and they re-recorded 'Sittin' (Take Me Home)'. The album 'Full Circle' was released in December 2000. See info on the demo CD here...


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