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A 59 track, 3 CD set of the cream of South African Rock, from the early '70s through to the '90s.

The Best Of SA Pop

3 Double CDs of the very best of South African Pop and Rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's

Best Of South African Pop 1
Best Of South African Pop 1

Best Of South African Pop 2
Best Of South African Pop 2

Best Of South African Pop 3
Best Of South African Pop 3



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Classic South African
Pop And Rock Songs

A collection of classic pop and rock songs from
the history of South African music.

1939-1975 | 1976-1989 | 1990-1999 | 2000-2002


  • Dear Abbie (One Night Of Passion) - Little Sister strong words from the Lonmon sisters on their debut album 'Ready and Willing'. Rated as one of South Africa's all-time greatest pop/rock songs, this "no-holds-barred" song of teenage pregnancy and angst is powerful and moving. Visit their website: Little Sister.

  • Waiting For The Dawn - Big Sky (Steve Louw) [5.18]
    Don Laka: piano/ Robbie McIntosh: guitar/ Jimmy Mngwandi: bass/ Steve Louw: acoustic guitar, vocals/ Godla Mgcinga: Drums/ Benmont Tench: piano/ Cape Town Highlanders (The 1000 Pipers): bagpipes
    This, somewhat anthemic, track refers to the South African situation and includes the lines: "People suffer for so long now ... We're still waiting for the dawn / For the sea to wash the sins from our sands." Good stuff.
    -- Glynis O'Hara, The Star Tonight, September 1990


  • Sex - Pressure Cookies (Tonia Selley)
    Tonia Selley: vocals, guitar/ Launa Nasser: bass/ Sheree Harrison: percussion, melodica, vocals/ Terri Cohen: drums, vocals/ Tom Fox: guitar/ Willem Möller: guitar "Rock chick" angst from Tonia Selley and the Pressure Cookies. Raunchy lyrics and an incredible guitar solo from Willem Möller.

  • Wild Warrior - Arapaho (N Tarboton) [4.44]
    Rapid-fire rock from this Durban 4-piece. Stunning.


  • Sarajevo - Jack Hammer (Piet Botha) [4.49]
    Piet Botha: vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica/ Lani van der Walt: guitars/ Paul van de Waal: drums/ Lowell Jeffrey: bass
    Screaming and growling guitars -- a strong song with powerful lyrics -- not a song for those who want to hear about breakin' up to make up. This song makes a big noise that demands to be heard.
    -- Kurt Shoemaker, Sept 2000


  • Goeienag Generaal - Piet Botha (Piet Botha) [4.08]
    Piet Botha: vocals, guitars/ Jonathan Martin: guitars/ Jorik Pienaar: drums/ Jason Phillips: bass
    "For all the guys that were in the army..."
    -- Piet Botha, August 2000
    A stunning hard-rock song about dying for your country but for what? "Toe ek weer so kyk, het 'n AK jou fucked-up geskiet". If this had come out ten years earlier it would have been banned outright! This song really tells it like it was ... taken from the brilliant 'Suitcase Vol Winter' album.

  • Who Killed Kurt Cobain - Koos Kombuis (Koos Kombuis) [3.40]
    Koos Kombuis: vocals/ Anton L'amour: electric and acoustic guitars/ Chris Vermaak: acoustic guitar/ Doris Delay: bass/ Wikus Lombard: drums A brilliant tribute to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain ... why wasn't this song from the 'Madiba Bay' album a huge US hit?!


  • Cape Axe - Jorge Carlos (Jorge Carlos) [9.07]
    Jorge Carlos: all instruments

    Dance music for people who don't like dancing! Reminiscent of such musical genuises as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis & Tangerine Dream. Trance music with real percussion and real guitars - incredible sound - like Eddie van Halen and Joe Satriani. One section even sounds like 'The Mule' riff by Ritchie Blackmore.

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