The Pressure Cookies

Pressure Cookies


  1. Love Song
  2. Baby, Baby
  3. Rules
  4. Our Father
  5. Cathedral
  6. It's Your Turn
  7. Lonely Hearts
  8. Sex
  9. But In Time
  10. I Know (What I Know)
  11. Videos
  12. Radio
  13. Signs


  • Tonia Selley: vocals, guitar
  • Launa Nasser: bass
  • Sheree Harrison: percussion, melodica, vocals
  • Terri Cohen: drums, vocals
  • Tom Fox: guitar

  • Willem Möller: guitar on 'Sex'
  • Peter Cohen: drums
  • Ian Cohen: bass
  • André Abrahamse: bass

Release information:

1995, Teal, MMTCD 1941


"Rock chick" angst from Tonia Selley and the Pressure Cookies. Quirky, tuneful, thoughtful songs with an SA flavour. References to Durban and Neil Johnson, for example, give the album a homegrown feel. This album includes the song 'Sex' with raunchy lyrics and an incredible guitar solo from Willem Möller. The Pressure Cookies opened for Meat Loaf in Cape Town in 1996 which is where I first saw them perform. I was hooked and bought this CD the next day.

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