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Lager Mentality Roger Waters - In The Flesh Cape Town Feb 2002

interviews with:
Alexander Gregori (MD Mothermix Records)
Skunk Anansie - April 2000
Hootie And The Blowfish
Koos Kombuis
The Original Evergreen
Qkumba Zoo
Theatre Sports
Honeymoon Suites
Scabby Annie
Elephant Sun
Danièle Pascal


  • The Strangled Cries of Musicians in Debt by Koos Kombuis (December 2002)
  • Roger Waters Live In Cape Town 2002
  • Endemic Violins by Lenny Mailer
  • Copious
  • BonSAi Music
  • Hootie And The Blowfish Live At The Bellville Velodrome
  • Jorge Carlos' incredible new African trance album is here!
  • Kenny G/George Benson - concert review
  • The Springbok Nude Girls vs Trans.Sky (with Massive Attack as support) - concert reviews
  • Blues from the warm frosts
  • Two shots of Tequila (03/05/97)
  • The Music and Artists of South Africa Part 1&2
  • The Music and Artists of South Africa Part 3
  • What is 'Kwaito'?
  • Michael Jackson on tour in South Africa

    Previous Beatspeak

    • Since adding the search engine (top left) we are no longer listing all beatspeak links. Please utilise the search....
    • 20/10/98 - A Strawberry moment, Nebula BOS launch the "Indie Music Explosion", All the new SA and international CDs, Van der Want/Letcher - Low Riding, Massive Attack, Janet Jackson and, um, Steve Wright?
    • 15/08/98 - Between SA rock and a hard (to sell) place, CD stores, online and offline, are stocked and ready, Where's Johnny Rotten now that we really need him? So what's your point? Mandela's birthday blush, PRun the band like a sports team, get them fit!
    • 17/07/98 - Strange days have found us, Out of this world, The "Good-Schpiel" according to St. Matthew, Looking For Zim' released
    • 26/06/98 - Foot(ball) and Mouth disease, TKZee and Benniiiii!!! , Tanana Tanana are back, Big do for Des And Dawn duo, All that (live) jazz, All that (live) jazz, A quick look at "the Beautiful Game"
    • 19/06/98 - Here come the hee-bee Bee Gees , Last bow from a circus legend, Rodriguez in Sweden - the very cold facts
    • 05/06/98 - New disco.za compiliation, Who's who in the ZA music, Hitting the SA jazz nail Oppikoppi
    • 22/05/98 - Hendrix would have loved it!, Barney's Peel-a radio sessions, Red Hot!
    • 15/05/98 - The Full (tribute to) Monty , Massive tour news, Dizu's drumming machine) Lusikisiki and ye shall find, It's a Live Fact
    • 08/05/98 - Saluting our SA music stars, Overdues paid!, JJ Scaled?, Skollie-rockers, SA music rules.OK.ZA!, Some Fresh music
    • 24/04/98 - The passing of our fair first lady , 'Omnisofa' is here!, Sheer Sound pleasure, It's time again, for Splashy Fen
    • 17/04/98 - "OO" what a night!, The Honeymoon (tour) is just beginning!, O'Yaba Daba Doo, Alivebrotherforyou, I am a DJ, I am what I play
    • 03/04/98
    • 20/03/98 - Achtung (in cheek) Babies! , Setlists, we got 'em, Spice boys, The Jury is in, A load of carp
    • 13/03/98 - Hi wonder!, Rodriguez in SA
    • 06/03/98 - Hullo (young legends,wherever you are!
    • 27/02/98 - "Doodoo-doodoo-doodoo doo! And here's to you Mrs Simon's son, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…."
    • 20/02/98 - Hi (five)!, football is the new rock 'n roll
    • 13/02/98 - Hullo young lovers!, tours by U2 and Rodriguez
    • 23/01/98 - High-korna
    • 15/01/98 - 1998 in prospect
    • 09/01/98 - The River Club and new albums
    • 19/12/97 - Top20 SA and international CDs of 1997
    • 12/12/97 - Skunk Anansie and Oom
    • 05/12/97 - Princess Di's tribute album, Tananas and Astra
    • 28/11/97 - Michael Hutchence, the Nude Girls and the Blues Broers
    • 21/11/97 - The summer of love in Cape Town
    • 14/11/97 - George Michael and Fetish

      In November 1997 the music news column was replaced by "Beatspeak" - this incorporated more information than just news.....

    • 15/10/97 -Steve Hofmeyr on tour
    • 19/09/97 -Richie Havens 'unplugged' tour for SA
    • 19/05/97 - New Springbok Nude Girls Album released, New One World Online CD store to be launched
    • 27/04/97 - The Third Annual FNB South African Music Awards
    • 24/04/97 - Lucky Dube releases his new Album 'Taxman', Bayete launch their latest album in London
    • 18/04/97 - Prophets Of Da City release their new album "Ghetto Code", Goth band "The Awakening" release their debut album
    • 07/03/97 - U2 to tour SA

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