Various Artists
Tassenberg All Stars

Various Artists - Tassenberg All Stars

August 2000,
Rhythm Records,

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  1. Onder In My Whiskeyglas (Reggae Weergawer) - Koos Kombuis
  2. Blues Vir Louise - Piet Botha
  3. Jannie Cocaine - Akkedis
  4. Oreo Cookie Blues - Delta Blue
  5. Northern Sky - Jonathan Martin
  6. Rastaman - Mikanic
  7. Swimmin With The Women - Mikanic
  8. Moment - Laurinda Hofmeyr
  9. Rivier - Gert Vlok Nel
  10. Klein Verbond - Theuns Jordaan
  11. Kytie - Koos Kombuis
  12. Die Mystic Boer - Valiant Swart


A live compilation of tracks recorded at this year's Oudtshoorn Festival. Most of the alternative Afrikaners are here: Koos Kombuis, Piet Botha, Gert Vlok Nel and Valiant Swart. Valiant's 9 minute 'Die Mystic Boer' is stunning. One of my favourites on this album is 'Jannie Cocaine' by Akkedis, an anti-drug song they tell us, just in case we miss the point. The lone female voice on this album is that of Laurinda Hofmeyer with a haunting song called 'Moment'. I don't know the band Mikanic, but they get 2 tracks which are pretty good. Other artists include Theuns Jordaan, Jonathan Martin (accompanied on piano by an uncredited Piet Botha) and Delta Blue.
-- Brian Currin, September 2000

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