Title Songs Not On Original Album

These are songs that do not appear on albums with that same title.


Song and Album title

Album where song appears

The Doors Waiting For The Sun Morrison Hotel
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery Works Vol.2
Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy Physical Graffiti
Queen Sheer Heart Attack News Of The World
Captain Beefheart Safe As Milk Strictly Personal
Robyn Hitchcock Queen Elvis Eye
Def Leppard On Through The Night High N' Dry
AC/DC If You Want Blood You've Got It Highway To Hell
AC/DC High Voltage TNT
South African Artists
(featuring PJ Powers)
Burnout Help!
Third Eye Awakening Searching
Off The Edge Just Another Band On The Run
Petit Cheval The Voice Of Reason The Perfect Gift
Squeal Long Pig Man & Woman
Van Der Want & Lechter Low Riding Bignity

Thanks to Mike Hardaker, Matt Gee, Shaun, Angus Kerr & John Samson for additional info.

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