Petit Cheval

New Romantics from Pretoria

Petit Cheval



  • Magical Touch/
    Keep On Running (1984) WEA

    Magical Touch

  • Once In A Lifetime (1985) WEA

    Once In A Lifetime


  • The Voice Of Reason (1985) WEA
  • The Perfect Gift (1986) WEA
  • Young Lions (compilation CD) (1994) Tusk
  • Fresh Music
    • Jonathan Selby: Vocals
    • Sheldon Thomas: Keyboards
    • Craig Else: Guitars
    • Johan Griesel: Bass (not on The Perfect Gift)
    • Danny de Wet: Drums (later joined Wonderboom)

      Musicians on 'The Perfect Gift':
    • Chris Bekker: Bass Guitar
    • George Spencer: Congas
    • Mike Faure: Saxophone
    • Ralph Martin: Chants
    • Lesley Rae Dowling: Female Voice


    Petit Cheval is French for Little Horse.

    Where are they now?

    SA Rock Digest Issue #7, 11th March 1999


    In issue number 5, Nick asked "where is Petit Cheval?"

    Well, here is Jonathan Selby's reply written especially for theSA Rock Digest...

    Bio - click for bigger imageI left for overseas in 1987 having become disillusioned with the "bigfish in small pond" syndrome and a rather vacuous existence of sex,drugs and not much rock n roll. Yes, I did the "existential overseas"thing, and then came back in '88 and studied Psychology. I qualifiedwith honours at UCT in the Cape (where I am now based) but decided I didnot have the coping mechanisms required to be the object of peoplesnegative projections from 9 to 5. I then went on to study a PostGraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and also did a sub-majorin Information Systems. I guess I had a yearning to gain knowledge anddiscover the truth! I joined Qdata as a consultant & then went fulltime into my own projects. One is a Graphic Design & Advertising Agency"The Graphic Shop" and the other is a software development company"Timelog".

    Bio - click for bigger imageI have not forsaken my musical talent however. I have a fully digitisedstudio setup at my home and look to complete an album this year, beforethe power fades in 2000! I have done some theme music for video and radio jingles (mostly on the regional Cape radio stations) for some ofour clients and used the experience to master my digital studio. I am married now with a little 6 month old daughter. She is mycurrent muse.

    The music I am busy composing for the album reflects the changes in mylife as well as the new peace presiding over me. It is of a more (orless...) contemporary rock format but will, I trust, be challenging andenjoyable to the listener. I released an album through Gallo some yearsago (while I was at varsity, 93 or 94 I think) under the name "Big OnArrival" (BOA). It also features some female vocals by a talentedsinger from the Cape, Jennifer Jones. It is a very eclectic bunch ofsongs and reflects a rather unfocused stage in my life. However, it wasnever marketed and I never had the time to promote it due to my studiesat the time. I think there are some gems on the album but I had alimited budget (what else is new) and never had the opportunity toproduce the jewel I was looking for.

    I will keep Brian informed about the album and I am happy to answer anyfurther questions and/or make contact with other subscribers should theybe interested. Thanks for the inquiry and look out for the Selby soloproject!

    PS: I do not know what the other band members are presently doing butwhen last I heard Craig (lead guitar) returned to the states to form hisown band; Sheldon (keys) toured the states and is now back in SA with adesign studio; Johan (bass) is one of the country's top sound engineers;and Danny has formed his own band (not sure of the name?) and untilawhile ago co-owned a nightclub in Jo'burg called "Wings".

    -- Jonathan Selby, March 1999

    Scans from Stephan Forster, September & November 2001

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