Third Eye

Progressive rock group formed in Durban in 1968



  • Fire! [Brown/Crane]/
    With The Sun Shining Bright [Saul/Little] (September 1968, #16 on LM Radio) Produced by Billy Forrest, Troubadour, TRS-E-9129
  • Snow Child/
    Valley Of Sadness (1969) Polydor, PS13
  • Brother (1970) Polydor
  • Caterpillar/
    What's Going On (1974) Blue Jeans (Belgium)


  • Awakening (1969) Polydor, 277002
  • Searching (1969) Polydor, 277030
  • Brother (1970) Polydor, 277043


  • Super Groups Vol 1 (1970) Polydor, 249358 ('Retain Your Half Ticket')
  • Super Groups Vol 2 (1970) Polydor, BPD 2029/2 ('Brother')
  • Astral Daze - Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972 (2006) RetroFresh, freshcd148 (Fire)
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Cover scan supplied by Dany Deville, July 2007

From left to right:
Back row:
Richard Wright (ex LeeMen Limited) - Vocals
Dawn Selby (Composer - 'What's going on' / Keyboards / Lead Vocals)
Front row:
Mike Sauer - Bass Guitar
Rijk van Gelder - Drums
Ron Selby - Acoustic & electric Guitars
With regards the songs Caterpillar and What's going on, yes they were released in Belgium and as far as I know in a few other European countries at the time. This was done through Kris Kritzinger. I think its wonderful that those songs from 'way back when' are maybe still around?? Never received royalties, but then, that comes with the territory!
-- Dawn Selby, July 2007
Super Groups 1
Super Groups 2
Astral Daze


  • Ronnie Selby: Lead Guitar
  • Maurice Saul: Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • Dawn Selby: Piano, Hammond Organ
  • Robbie Pavid: Drums
  • Mike Sauer: Six String Bass

Third Eye Family Tree - the roots and branches

All info supplied by Tertius Louw, Andrew King, Robbie Pavid and Dawn Selby.

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