Hawk - Live And Well

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  1. Kea Tseba Mokeago (I Know Where) (J Bahula) [3.56]
  2. Slowly Towards The North (suite) [19.01, actually 14.48]
    1. Bring Out The Wagons (R MacKay)
    2. Limpopo (R MacKay)
    3. Thaba Bosigo (R MacKay)
    4. Deepest Darkest Africa (R MacKay/M Kahn)
    5. Jungle Slumbers (R MacKay)
  3. Mumbo Jumbo (R MacKay) [3.37] Listen
  4. Hunter (D Ornellas) [4.04] Listen
  5. Bona Bakweta (The Mountain Of Manhood) (P Kubheka) [3.15]
  6. Mabaléle (R MacKay/M Kahn) [4.07]
  7. In My Youth (R MacKay/D Ornellas) [6.02, actually 4.56]
Tracks 3, 4 & 7 have been released on CD as bonus tracks on the 2004 CD re-issue of Africa She Too Can Cry.


  • Dave Ornellas: Vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Mark "Spook" Kahn: Guitar
  • Brahm Malherbe: Drums
  • Les "Jet" Goode: Bass
  • Julian "Ipi" Laxton: Guitar

  • Julian Bahula: African drums, vocals
  • Billy "Knight" Mashigo: Percussion, vocals
  • Audrey Motaung: Vocals
  • Pete Kubheka: Vocals, percussion

    A Geoff Lonstein Music production

    Musicians not listed on LP cover, list supplied by Julian Laxton, January 2001

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Release information:

1974, EMI Parlophone, PCSJ 12090

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Not a live album as the title might lead you to believe.

Listed on front cover as "Hawk" and on the back cover and actual disc as "Jo'burg Hawk".

'Slowly Towards The North' was originally recorded by Freedoms Children on their classic album Astra.

Thanks to Neil Daya from Vibes, N1 City, Cape Town for the loan of the original LP.


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