Margaret Singana
Lady Africa

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  1. I Never Loved A Man (1977)
  2. Light Up The Light
  3. Stand By Your Man (1974)
  4. Where Is The Love (1975)
  5. Tribal Fence (1977) originally recorded by Freedoms Children in 1970, also recorded by Rabbitt featuring Margaret as guest vocalist
  6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? the Creedence Clearwater Revival track
  7. Love Is The Power (1974)
  8. I Feel So Strong originally recorded by Hotline and Steve Kekana in 1982
  9. Mama Tembu's Wedding (1973) from The Warrior
  10. We Are Growing (1986) with Julian Laxton from the Shaka Zulu TV series ; reached number 1 in Holland in 1989
  11. Orang Outang originally recorded by Hawk in 1972
  12. Johannesburg originally recorded by Julian Laxton in 1976
  13. Help! the Beatles track, also covered by Hotline in 1982
  14. Many Rivers To Cross (1976)
  15. Gimme Your Love (1972)
  16. Why Did You Do It (1975)
  17. When Will I Be Loved
  18. Stop The Rain
  19. My Name Is Margaret (1978)
  20. Love Will Find A Way (1976)

Release information:

1996, Gallo, CDRED 603 J


A powerful compilation from the soulful voice of Margaret Singana.Margaret has covered a number of classic South African rock tracks, including Freedoms Children's 'Tribal Fence', The Julian Laxton Band's 'Johannesburg' and Hawk's 'Orang Outang'.

She is probably most famous for 'Mama Tembu's Wedding' from 'Ipi 'N Tombia' and also the brilliant theme song from the Shaka Zulu TV series, 'We Are Growing' by Margaret Singana and Julian Laxton. This song went to number 1 in Holland in 1987.

Patric van Blerk wrote a few songs for her and also produced most of her albums. Trevor Rabin makes an appearance on some of her songs as well.

There are also some very strong soul songs on this CD including 'I Never Loved A Man' (sounds nothing like the Aretha Franklin song with the same title), Jimmy Cliff's 'Many Rivers To Cross' and Tammy Wynette's 'Stand Up Like A Man' (done in a reggae-style).

So if you enjoy strong female vocals with a touch of rock, a bit of Africa and a lot of soul, then 'Lady Africa' is for you.


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