Margaret Singana
We Are Growing
Shaka Zulu

Lady Africa meets Shaka Zulu

Album Cover


  1. We Are Growing original soundtrack
  2. Music For Africa with PJ Powers and Hotline
  3. Ndinebhongo
  4. Nglayayithanda Lendoda
  5. Babahem
  6. We Are Growing radio mix
  7. Isiphiwo Sam
  8. Vulani Amasanga
  9. Inkedama
  10. Molo-Molo
  11. We Are Growing 12" remix

Release information:

LP: 1986, PVB Music
CD: 1996, PVB Music, PVCD 91


There seem to be 2 different versions of this album, the one listed here and another one with some different songs.

Sleeve notes: "It seems appropriate that one of the veteran greats of the South African Music Industry, Margaret Singana, rightly named "Lady Africa", should have been chosen to sing the title music on not only this version, but on the actual production series of Shaka Zulu itself. She gives to this musical tribute, to one of Africa's Greatest Leaders, a powerful and richly-voiced dimension, a dimension which I feel is a valuable asset, as we humbly attempt to do the story of this legendary King, justice."
-- William C. Faure, Director



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