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Concert In The Park

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  1. Hungry Child - Concert In The Park
  2. Dance Mama - Hotline
  3. Raising My Family - Steve Kekana
  4. Weekend Special - Brenda and the Big Dudes
  5. Live On - Pierre de Charmoy
  6. Motla le Pula - Mara Louw
  7. I'm Waiting - Harari featuring Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse
  8. See Yourself (Clowns) - Ella Mental
  9. Love Satisfaction - Supafrika
  10. Junk Jive - éVoid
  11. Oneness - Umoja
  12. Through The Window - Feather Control
  13. Scatterlings Of Africa - Juluka
  14. Night Of The Long Knives - Face To Face
  15. Hey Boy - Via Afrika
  16. I'm Mobile - Street Kids
  17. Taking A Fall - Petit Cheval
  18. One Of Those Nights - Neville Nash
  19. Inside Out - Blondie
  20. Hamba Bekile - Margaret Singana
  21. Situations - The Rockets
  22. Breaking Hearts - All Night Radio
  23. Checkmate - The Working Girls

Release information:

May 1985, WEA, CIP 1 (ZCI 1 - cassette)

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Concert held at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg on the 12th January 1985 in aid of Operation Hunger.

All tracks recorded live except 'Hungry Child' recorded and mixed at The Workshop and Ovation Studios.'Hungry Child' was written by Rob Levitan of Bright Blue and donated in lieu of Bright Blue being unable to perform at the concert.

Lead vocals on 'Hungry Child' by Steve Kekana, Heather Mac, Johnny Clegg and Ronnie Joyce.

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