Lancaster Band
Comic Strip Heroes

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  1. Modern Science
  2. Just Can't Help Myself
  3. Henry Harpic's Holiday
  4. Natural Lift
  5. The Boys
  6. Comic Strip Heroes
  7. The Kite
  8. Denture Adventure
  9. The Girls


  • Simon Colton: Vocals
  • Rob Lancaster: Guitar
  • Howard Butcher: Bass
  • Harry "Henry" Lancaster: Drums
  • Garth Hitchins: Guitar

Release information:

1981, EMI-Brigadiers, EMCJ(L) 11575


Great punky new wave rock. I love it! Original members in 1978 included Freedoms Children vocalist Brian Davidson, and Robin Auld who went on to have a great solo career. See Freedoms Children Family Tree for a little more history of the Lancaster Band.

Cover scan supplied by Harry Lancaster and Paul Cartmel, October 2001

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