Clive Calder

Band Leader...Bassist... & Business Man


It all started something like this:

School had become unbearably boring. It always had been boring - all those insignificant details, sothourough, yet lacking so much in concepts. Something was definitely missing. There was no link between Granny and the Gold. Everyone was so close to themselves, yet so far: so incredibly accurate,but never quite right, always talking, but mostly guessing. Much more discipline was needed, and of course,the self-dictated type was preferred. So, 'round about the fifteenth year, when the first box-guitar was introduced,it was cold and calculated - no depth, no feeling.

But Time was due to put Granny on the right path to the gold. One day led to another, and between these were those nights, when experiments were conducted with others of a different nature - they fell by the side- until Ivor Back entered the mining camp with one kit of drums and one helluva backlog of frustrations.Together something happened for a while. We grooved, and learnt about "feeling". Our minds created , and together we grew. However, something was lacking. Cynicism had set in. But we tried our best -just bass and drums. It was no good. Two just could'nt go it alone. That rock was thick, and we just kepton banging our heads. He'd sing sometimes, and I 'd try and convert notes from the mind into sounds on the piano, or organ. No good - something was lacking.

Eventually, Granny let Peter Vee into the camp. He helped soothe the pain, but Life had other plans,so when he bade the camp goodbye, the whole camp shed a tear, and there was much mourning and sobbing - just Ivor and I. Granny wanted to given in - that Gold was out of sight. So practicality set in, and the camp shookwith a mixture of boere musiek, bubblegum, dance, journalism, night club ventures, show promoting - anythingto ease the pain, anything to escape. Then Time, Granny, and a ballet script introduced Roger Inns. He hadsomething. I knew it. It just did'nt add up. I mean they laughed at him, and, in a mocking tone of voice, referredto him as Al Jolson. But only he, of those, really had any tone of voice.

So we blessed Granny when Time added experience and grooming, and together we grooved with Roger.It was three - Roger, Ivor and I. Granny was back in the running - that Gold was just a while around the nextcorner. Then Alan Goldswain emerged from the masses of triers. His face was so different. He was clear - Grannycould even see the gold-dust staring up from the bottom of the mine. Given Time, Alan too will groove, because that something that was lacking in the beginning has grown in proportion, and together we'll grow with it, and Time will heel the pain, until it's ready for war. Then Granny will have her Gold in the beginning. [Author: Clive Calder, 1968]

Bands & Discographical Information:

    The Furies

  • Come On Little Girl*/ Every Little Breath I Take,
    Rave R 244, 1964
  • Come On Little Girl/ Every Little Breath I Take
    [2 takes], unissued instrumental backing tracks, recorded 27 April 1964, Gallo Archive

    *Come on little girl composed by Glum/ Calder

    Band members: Clive Calder/ Al Goldin/ Al Wood/ Victor Fuchs/ Al Linton

    The Four Dukes

  • Hey Hey Look At Me/ Slow Twistin',
    Continental PD. 7-8951, 1965
  • Come Back Silly Girl*/ It Really Does'nt Matter Anymore, Continental PD. 7-9002, 1965

    *The Staccatos had a massive hit with Come Back Silly Girl, RCA Victor 41.811, 1966

    Band members: Clive Calder/ Peter Vee/ Neil Crafford/ Tony Spectre

    The In Crowd

  • Savage Sounds From South Africa, Compilation Album, Springbok Beat Records, Limited Edition, 2003


    Track: Come Back

  • Bring Your Love Back Home/ Over You, Parlophone SPD 377,1966
  • I Just Need Your Love/ Come Back, Parlophone
    SPD 389,1966
  • The Shoop Shoop Song/ In, Parlophone SPD 394, 1966

    In Crowd

  • *Louie Louie/ Dandy Andy, Parlophone SPD 418, 1967

    Band members: Barry Mitchell/ Clive Calder/ Ivor Back/ Ron Jubber/ Roy Naturman

    - *Peter Vee replaced Mitchell as vocalist

    - Calder/ Naturman composed the b side of the Johnny Collini single All or nothing/ The most wonderful experience, RCA Victor, 41. 896, 1966 & the b side of the Brackets single Surf City/ These things don't happen everyday, Parlophone SPD 406, 1966

    - Ivor Back previously played and recorded with Ralph Carby and the Cavaliers and the group Them

    Cavaliers AlbumThem

    - Album: Ralph Carby and the Cavaliers, RCA Victor 31,832, 1964

    - Them singles: I want to be rich again/ I miss her, Parlophone 45-SPD 361 & One time too many/ It'sday, Parlophone 45-SPD 369

    - Ivor Back joined Jo'Burg Hawk during the early seventies

    - Roy Naturman played organ on the albums Burning Soul/ Soul Fire/ Soul Meeting and became a founder member of Tidal Wave in 1969

    albumalbumalbumTidal Wave

    Barry Mitchell - Solo Recording

  • Cross my heart/ Can I get a witness, Parlophone,
    SPD 417, 1967

    Calder's Collection


    Band members: Clive Calder/ Alan Goldswain/ Roger Inns/ Ivor Back

  • Calder's Collection, Wanted, Parlophone SCXJ 11154, 1968


    Tracks: So much love/ Time of the season/ Sally Anne/ The World/ Hey Joe*/ Rainbow Road/ Conquistador/ Proud Mary/ Be My Baby/ That's How Strong My Love Is/ In*

    * Vocals by Peter Vee

  • Soul For Gold, Various Artists, EMI SRSJ 7004, 1970


  • Soul For Gold, Various Artists, MFP SRJS 7004

    Tracks: Proud Mary/ Rainbow Road

  • LM Radio Top Hits Of 1969, Various Artists,
    Chart Toppers, Parlophone PCSJ(D) 12060, 1969


    Tracks: Medley [Time is tight/ Aquarius/ In the year 2525]/
    Medley [In the ghetto/ Bad moon rising/ Proud Mary]

  • LM Radio Chartbusters, Various Artists, Parlophone PCSJ 12068, 1969


    Tracks: Medley [Tracy/ Love grows/ We're building a love]

  • I Understand/ Tell Mary, Columbia DSA 845, 1968
  • So Much Love/ The World, Columbia DSA 874, 1969
  • Rainbow Road/ Sally Ann, Columbia DSA 889, 1969

    Roger Inns - Solo Recordings

    Roger Inns

  • LM Radio Chartbusters, Various Artists, Parlophone PCSJ 12068, 1969

    Tracks: Medley [The long and winding road/ Let it be/ Bridge over troubled water]

  • The Wedding/ Sonny Boy, Columbia DSA 3035, 1970
  • Old Love, New Love/ My Daddy Is Only A Picture, ColumbiaDSA 3037, 1970

Session Work:

  • Nico Carstens, Parade Of South African Hits, Columbia JSX 11117, 1968


    Tracks: Timothy/ Mangwane mpulele/ Wimoweh/ So far away/ Die padda wou gaan opsit/ Spaanse nooi/Lente in Switzerland/ African stomp/ Helena cha cha/ Master Jack/ Calabash/ Catherine/ Meadowlands

  • Nico Carstens, Die Lewenslied Van ..., CDREDD 674, 2001


    Track: Helena cha cha

  • Nico Carstens, African Stomp/ Timothy, Columbia
    DSA 784, 1968

  • Die Doedies, ...Sing Doemelliedjies, Columbia JSX 11128, 1968


    Tracks: Baie bietjie babie/ Tot hier en daar die bome bloei/ O, my vaal Karoo/ O, my kleine meisie/ Blywag ek hier/ Liewe outjie/ Pieterjan/ Die spierwit aandblom/ Tokkelina/ Stilweg roep my hart/ Ek gee mylief 'n appel/ My liewe land, my liewe liefie

    - Ivor Back was the session drummer

  • Live At The Electric Circus, The First Electric Jamming Band, Parlophone PCSJ(D) 12061, 1969


    Tracks: Take it away/ Can't leave your love behind/ I wanna dream*/ Sloop John B/ Man*

    Band members: Clive Calder/ Ivor Back/ Alan Goldswain/ Mervin Gershanov/ Peter Clifford/ Roy Naturman/Roland Deale/ Terry Smith/ Peter Vee

    * Vocals by Peter Vee

    - Mervin Gershanov was a member of the Durban group the Gonks. Their lead vocalist Craig Ross was a member of Freedom's Children in the late sixties.

    Mervin and Craig

  • Dickie Loader and Friends, In Session, Parlophone PCSJ 12076, 1971


    Tracks: Take the bad times with the good times/ Go go Sally/ Gingerbread man/ Cracklin' rosie/ Let it be me/Suddenly it's Wednesday/ Hey devil woman/ Orange taxi/ Angelina/ Travellin' man/ Burning bridges/ Poor little rich girl


    From left to right: Clive Calder/ Dickie Loader/ Robin Netcher/ Peter Vee/ Wanda Arletti/ Stevie van Kerken

  • Richard Jon Smith 1, Bullet BU 500, 1973


    Tracks: It's only a matter of time/ Home sweet home/ I'm still waiting/ I can sing it/ That's why I love you/Ring-a-ring-a-rosie/ What I've been getting at/ Happy and gay/ Cause that song makes me think things over/Candlelight

  • Feedback From ex-Band Members

    Roy Naturman: I think the web page is very good.
    (2 March 2004, Atlanta, USA)
    Found this classic pic (see below) & wanted to share it
    Best regards - Roy Naturman (19 March 2004)
    In Crowd

    Front to back:
    Peter Vee - vocals - heads up BMG SA
    Clive Calder - bass - an incredible man
    Ivor Back - drums - still playing as good as ever
    Ron Jubber - tenor sax
    Me (Roy) - keyboards - Atlanta US

    Anthony Naturman: Excellent. Dad on the Web - SOLID! Maybe bringing some of those old tunes back to life can work okie - give it thought. (7 March 2004)
    Peter Vee: Yes I did replace Barry Mitchell and recorded the single "Louie Louie" with the In Crowd. I was never a member of Calders Collection, but guested on the album on the track "Hey Joe". After Calders Collection (early seventies), Clive and I put out a number of albums under the group name of the Outlet. Clive produced as well as played a variety of instruments and I did all the vocals. We co-wrote the hit "Working on a good thing" which was a 50,000+ seller for the Outlet. I have not seen or heard of Roger Inns for many years but Ivor Back is still living in Johannesburg, He plays the occasional gig and is a music rep. I think that the backings on Inn's and Barrys solo recordings were provided mainly by session musicians. I would love to hear the Four Dukes records again. Keep up the good work.
    (10 March 2004)

    Tertius Louw, March 2004

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