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P.J. Powers & Hotline


Hotline - Burnout (1981)
Hotline - Burnout (1981)


  1. Runaway Child (Van Dyk) [3.38]
  2. You're So Good To Me (Powers) [3.57]
  3. Nobody's Fool (Van Dyk) [3.13]
  4. Don't Leave Me Now (Powers) [2.50]
  5. Mystery (Powers) [3.51]
  6. Like You (Powers) [3.22]
  7. One More Night (Powers) [4.22]
  8. So Cold (Powers) [3.17]
  9. Bad Girl (Powers) [3.00]
  10. Freedom (Powers) [3.27]


Release information

November 1981, MFM (distributed by Gallo), ML456


You're So Good To Me ... I'm not supposed to be alone with you..." sings the 21 year-old P.J. Powers (born Penelope Jane Dunlop in Durban in 1960). Is he married? Or is she? Possibly a same-sex liaison, or more likely the lyrics refer to an inter-racial relationship which was illegal under the Apartheid system of the time. A powerful song which never fails to stir the emotions.

Brian Currin

'You're So Good To Me' was a South African #8 hit in February 1982, backed by 'So Cold'. 'So Cold' is one of my all-time great magic moments in South African Rock - stunning vocals, driving bass-line... this track rocks, man!

The title track for 'Burnout' actually only appeared on their second album 'Help' in 1982.

Brian Currin

P.J. Powers & Hotline