Hotline - Burnout

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  1. Runaway Child (Van Dyk) [3.38]
  2. You're So Good To Me (Powers) [3.57]
  3. Nobody's Fool (Van Dyk) [3.13]
  4. Don't Leave Me Now (Powers) [2.50]
  5. Mystery (Powers) [3.51]
  6. Like You (Powers) [3.22]
  7. One More Night (Powers) [4.22]
  8. So Cold (Powers) [3.17]
  9. Bad Girl (Powers) [3.00]
  10. Freedom (Powers) [3.27]


  • PJ Powers: Vocals
  • Alistair Coakley: Lead guitar
  • George van Dyk: Bass
  • Patrick van Rensburg: Drums
  • Geoff Sedgwick: Keyboards

  • Ron "Bones" Brettell and Greg Cutler: Producers

Release information:

November 1981, MFM (distributed by Gallo), ML456


Long before PJ Powers (born Penelope Jane Dunlop in Durban, 16 July 1960) became Thandeka (the loved one)or achieved a UK chart hit with World In Union (with Ladysmith Black Mambazo) in 1995, she was the lead singer for top South African rock band Hotline, who formed in Johannesburg in 1980. PJ Powers came from an all-girl group from Durban called Pantha.

Pantha was formed in 1979. We had a fairly good run but being an all-girl group in the shadow of Clout, we never managed to secure a record deal. P.J. Powers was the fronting singer then known as Penelope Jane Dunlop.
-- Debbi Lonmon (Little Sister), July 1999
'You're So Good To Me' was an SA #8 in February 1982, backed by 'So Cold'. 'So Cold' is one of my all-time great magic moments in SA Rock - stunning vocals, driving bass-line... this track rocks, man!

The title track for 'Burnout' actually only appeared on their second album 'Help' in 1982.

The band changed their style to afro-rock in 1983 and went onto even bigger things, like overseas tours.PJ Powers and Hotline released a greatest hits album which is available on CD.

Hotline disbanded in 1987.


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