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Big In South Africa

A totally subjective and purely selective list of songs and albums from overseas artists that were very popular in South Africa, but did not appear to be so popular with the US and UK markets. Compiled by Brian Currin in 1999.

Song or Album


Year of release or popularity

My Comments

Little Red Donkey (song) The Troggs 1967 Almost all greatest hits packages omit this little gem. I have never seen it on CD.
Simone (song) England Dan and
John Ford Coley
1973 Very popular song from that great album, "Fables", but impossible to find on CD.
Rocky Horror Picture Show
(soundtrack album)
Richard O'Brien
and Cast
1976 Huge cult following!
Carpet Of The Sun (song) Renaissance 1973 Progressive Folk-rock featuring the voice of Annie Haslam
Ride To Agadir (song) Mike Batt 1978 Brilliant song from the album 'Schizophonia'
Forty Days (song) Cliff Richard 1961 Very popular among Army guys!
Cold Fact (album) Rodriguez 1971 HUGE cult following in South Africa
Space Hymns (album) Ramases 1971 Great prog-rock album
That's My Desire (song) The Hollies 1967 No.1 Hit in South Africa
Under The Boardwalk (song) The Rolling Stones 1965 No.1 Hit in South Africa, not released as a single in UK.
I Need You (song) Ricky Nelson 1965 No.1 Hit in South Africa, only a flip-side in US.
Music Of Our Time (album) Various Artists 1971 Great CBS sampler album, sold for R1.35!!!
Ma (album) Rare Earth 1973 Swamp Rock with an 18 minute title track!
The Going's Easy (album) The Greatest Show On Earth 1970 Great jazz-rock album, included "Magic Woman Touch"
The Edgar Broughton Band (album) aka The Meat Album because of the cover. The Edgar Broughton Band 1971 Classic Rock album - included "Evening Over Rooftops"
Weeping Widow (song)
April Wine 1973 Canadian rock, from "Electric Jewels" album
Mark I & Mark II (album) Deep Purple 1973 Great compilation, not released in US or UK - included "When A Blind Man Cries"
(A Ballad Of ) A Peaceful Man (album) Gravy Train 1970 Progressive rock at it's finest
Lady In Black (song) Uriah Heep 1978 Big hit single in 1978 - originally
from 'Salisbury' album (1971)
Hearing Earring (album) Golden Earring 1973 Fantastic rock album, included "Jangalene" "Hope", "Brother Wind" and other great songs, impossible to find on CD.
Second Contribution (album) Shawn Phillips 1970 Great album with that song with the lo-o-o-ng title!
Spanish Train And Other Stories (album) Chris De Burgh 1976 Banned for religious reasons!
Lord Of The Ages (album) Magna Carta 1973 What an album and what a song!
Shape I'm In (song) Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons 1979 Great song from this Australian band
Silent Warrior (album) Xit 1973 American Indian rock!

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