Golden Earring - Hearing Earring

Golden Earring


  1. Jangalene (Kooymans)
  2. All Day Watcher (Kooymans)
  3. She Flies On Strange Wings (Kooymans)
  4. Avalanche Of Love (Kooymans)
  5. Silver Ships (Kooymans)
  6. Brother Wind (Kooymans)
  7. Hope (Gerritsen/Hay)
  8. 1000 Feet Below You (Kooymans)

  9. Bonus tracks on imaginary CD re-issue:

  10. Buddy Joe
  11. From Heaven From Hell
  12. Cruising Southern Germany
  13. The Road Swallowed Her Name
  14. Candy's Going Bad
  15. Suzy Lunacy
  16. Radar Love

Vinyl release information:
Polydor 2310 318, November 1973

This album was a compilation of tracks from 2 previous European-only releases:
'Seven Tears' (1971) and 'Together' (1972). As far as I know it has never been released on CD, but it is one of my all-time favourite rock albums, so I eventually bought 'Seven Tears' and 'Together' just to have all these great tracks. 'Jangalene' is a classic rock song with its long acoustic intro and then thundering full-tilt climax. This album goes from light to dark, soft to loud in an instant and is very comparable to the Deep Purple or Zeppelin stuff from the same era.

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