THE OLD MIDNIGHT MASS (L-R): Terrence Reis, Graham Weir, Jenny Delenta, Christine Weir, Bruce Alex

From the liner notes of "Mass Hysteria 2"
By Andrew Andrewpoulidies

(Greek accent): "No tits, no arse - it'll never work. Just a bunch of people singing around a mircophone and telling silly jokes. But, OK, you wanna make fools of yourselves, I'll give you the midnight slot for the next two weeks.
(Quote from George Milaris, owner of the old Black Sun - Johannesburg 1988

Two weeks and eight years later: still no tits or arse...Not The Midnight Mass has become "a national treasure" (JHB Star). "a national phenomenon with mass appeal" (Sat Star) appearing live before over 180,000 people in various cities and towns in the old and new South Africa and on countless radio and TV shows. Their limited edition albums Mass Hysterial and Midnight Mass Live were snapped up (and those that didn't snap have become collectors' items.)

What must be South Africa's most adaptable show, Not The Midnight Mass has been performed on TV and radio, in huge venues such as the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, as well as in school halls, at private parties, corporate functions and restaurants and is, arguably, the only a capella show in the world able to bring a pulsating, vibrating disco (Idols Club, JHB 1992) to a mesmerised and appreciative standstill.

With the advent of democracy in South Africa, the doors to international exposure were opened allowing the group to visit Namibia, Botswana and Great Britain for the first time. Further invitations have been extended to visit Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, the USA and Brazil enabling Not The Midnight Mass to spread their unique brand of South African musicality and humour further afield.

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