Various Artists - Rock This!
The New Breed Of Indie Rock

Rock This!

November 2002, Legends Music


  1. Gasoline - Seether mp3
  2. Suffer This Siamese
  3. And I Wait One80
  4. 42 Kelvin Declined mp3
  5. Silent Movie Toxic Shame
  6. Seed Jo Day
  7. Lil' Devil Scrubber
  8. Sobriety Friend Old Mol
  9. Rain Spoon Feedas
  10. For Real - Idle Moment
  11. Jeremiah 57
  12. Tears Of The Abstract Marlowe
  13. So Many Times Jimmy 12" mp3
  14. Dreams & Troubles Perez
  15. Sweet Memories Tweak
  16. She Said Cutting Jade mp3
  17. Charlie - Wonderboom
  18. Letter To A Friend Zen Arcade mp3
  19. Bad Boys - Sundried


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All info supplied by Jo Day, October 2002

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