Various Artists - Draadloos


December 2001, EMI, CDEMIM (WLM) 021

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 2
weeks on Top 20: 8


  1. Die Mystic Boer - Valiant Swart
  2. Daar Is Geen - Johannes Kerkorrel
  3. Budgie and The Jets - David Kramer
  4. Hakieshart - Theuns Jordaan
  5. Lisa se Klavier - Koos Kombuis
  6. Afrikaners is Plesierig - Karen Zoid
  7. Vier Seisoene Kind - Spinnekop
  8. Dancer - Anton Goosen
  9. Anderkant die Berg - Akkedis
  10. Blues Vir Louise - Piet Botha
  11. Potjiekos - Brasse Vannie Kaap
  12. Blaas Hom - Battery 9
  13. Meneer Geweer - Wouter van de Venter
  14. Ryg My Lippe Toe - Réana


"Draadloos" could mean either "unplugged" or "wireless" (what my grandfather used to call a radio). However, this compilation rocks way too hard to be termed "unplugged" and I'd be very surprised if many of these tracks have ever been played on national radio. Judging by the "Kyknet" logo on the cover, I believe "Draadloos" in this instance refers to the TV programme on DSTV.

This CD, compiled by Johan Scott, covers a wide spectrum of styles and years. It covers similar ground to the 2 'Alternatief Op Sy Beste' compilations, and though many of the same artists are featured, there are no tracks that are repeated from those 2 excellent compilations.

'Draadloos' has humour, songs about lost love, songs about love that won't get lost, funky songs, industrial rock, rap, blues, punk, bushrock, folk, and gospel. Whew!

The humour comes in the form of the tongue-in-cheek tribute to the early days of rock and roll with 1982's 'Budgie and the Jets' by David Kramer. Slightly more subtle humour can be found in Piet Botha's uptempo blues boogie work-out 'Blues Vir Louise' from 'Jan Skopgraaf', also on his recent 'Die Hits' compilation. "Vir jou is ek bang, banger as 'n pofadder, Louise".

'Lisa se Klavier' is one of Koos Kombuis' most well-known songs, and the version here features the superb violin playing of Koos's cousin. The song originally appeared on the 'Elke Boemelaar se Droom' CD in 1994, but Koos says he can't remember the violinist's first name. "I know his surname, though." says Koos. "He is a Vermaak. His older brother, who is better known to me, is Chris, who later became producer of my CD 'Madiba Bay'. A very talented family."

Theuns Jordaan has a deep emotive voice and this comes strongly to the fore on 'Hakieshart', a funky little rock tune. Other tracks include Valiant Swart's 'Die Mystic Boer', Johannes Kerkorrel's rocking 'Daar Is Geen', the bushrock reggae sounds of Anton Goosen's 'Dancer' (sung in English, ekshually), Brasse Vannie Kaap's 'Potjiekos' (not sure how to describe their sound! BoereRap, maybe?) and Battery 9's industrial 'Blaas Hom'. There are also songs from Karen Zoid, Akkedis & Spinnekop.

Right at the end of this CD we find 2 great, though completely different, tracks. Wouter van de Venter rocks with the sexually-charged 'Meneer Geweer' with its raw guitar solo. "Gee my jou geweer, meneer". And the last track is 'Ryg My Lippe Toe' from a new name to me, Réana. Atmospheric sounds and floating vocals from this newcomer (she shared the Geraas "best newcomer" award with Karen Zoid last year and her self-titled album won the Geraas Award for Best Gospel album).

'Draadloos' is boldly sub-titled "Volume 1"... does that mean there will be more CDs like this? Yes, please!
-- Brian Currin, January 2002

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