Hotstix is still burning | Entertainment Africa, March 2010

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse has always been surrounded by music. As a child be was fasinated by the drums. At school he formed a band, called The Beaters, that eventually became the internationally renowned Harare. As a multi-instrumental solo artist he scored what must be South Africa's first crossover hit with 1985's 'Burn Out'. And since his days as a pop star with afro and leather jacket, he's reimagined himself as a recognised jazz muso, producer, music commentator, and regular performer at Nelson Mandela 46664 concerts. On 22 March he is the keynote speaker at the second Music Exchange Conference in Cape Town.

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Where are Our Heroes? The Hotstix Interview |, 2008

Sipho 'Hotsix' Mabuse is a legend. As the driving force behind pioneering Afro-rock combos like The Beaters and Harrai back in the 70s he paved the way for Proudly Pan African acts like Juluka, Stimela, and Sakhile to come. In the 80s he pretty much patented the Rainbow Nation pop path to come with his all-time classic crossover party starter "Burn Out". And in the 90s he pushed the African jazz envelope on genre-free fusion workouts like Township Child. He also represented South Africa alongside Kurt Darren at Madiba's 90th Birthday Bash in London earlier this year. Hell, he once even got our president Thabo Mbeki to play flute for him! So how come so few people under 30 know who 'Hotstix' is?

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