The Silhouettes

[Leon Booysen, Archie van der Ploeg,
Hank Squires, George Hill]



  • The Silhouettes at the Bop Inn, Renown NLP 165


    Tracks: Big sax/ Clap your hands: vocals by Peter Lotis/ Mr Asteroid/ My little Ruby: vocals by Roger Smithex-The Vikings/ Torquay/ I'm walking: vocals by Peter Lotis/ Staccato/ Rock around the clock: vocals by Peter Lotis/ Lonelyguitar/ Bongo blues/ Don't leave me: vocals by Peter Lotis/ Side kick

    Compilation Album

  • Rock 'n Roll, Renown NLP 196, 1961


    Tracks: Guitar boogie /Asteroid (The Silhouettes)/ Send me some lovin' (Al Bentley and the Silhouettes)

    Seven Singles

  • June Dyer with the Silhouettes
    Whirlpool of love/ Comanche, Renown N1191, 1961
    Whirpool of love was a #1 hit in SA


    Single 78RPM


  • Peter Lotis with the Silhouettes
    Scoobie doobie/ Johnny's marching ghost, Renown N1205, 1961

    Peter Lotis

    So You Want To Be A Rock an Roll Star

    The Star 17 December 1960

    The four winners of a "So you want to be a rock and roll star” competition published in the Star a month ago were announced today. They are:
    1. David Hewitt (13) of Kempton Park; 2. Sharon Finklestein (later changed to Tandy) (17) of Johannesburg; 3. Tony Blight (21) also of Kempton Park.

    Instrumental: 4. The Silhouettes. All these... artistes... will be taken to London next week by pop singer Mickie Most. …. The Silhouettes have George Hill (19) on drums, Leon Booysen (19) bass guitar, Archie van der Ploeg (21) lead guitar, and Hank Squires (18) as the rhythm guitarist.


[The original Silhouettes line-up with Roger Drew on vocals]

Al Bentley
[Al Bentley]


Many thanks to Leon Booysen for the photographs, clippings and wonderful stories about the early days of South African rock.

The Silhouettes broke up soon after June's hit song "Whirlpool of Love". Leon Booysen became a memberof the Rousers, June Dyer's new backing band. Archie and Hank founded the Giants with Billy Forrest and three other musicians. Al Bentley joined the Hi-Riders as vocalist.

June and the Rousers scored with "Rebel" and the Giants recorded their SA #1 hit "Dark Lonely Street".

Tertius Louw, August 2001.

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