Hank Squires

Frontier of SA Rock


  • Singles

    1965 I've Been Around (Fats Domino)/ Steel Street (No Details)
    COLUMBIA [No Details]

    1965 Don't Come Knockin' (A Domino)/ Ever Since We Said Goodbye(Alan Fielding)
    COLUMBIA 45-DSA 593

    1966 Stand By Me (Ben E King - Elma Glick)/ Heartbeat(Montgomery - Petty)
    COLUMBIA 45-DSA 621

    1967 Strange Effect (Davies)/ It Only Took A Minute (Garson - David)

  • Extended Play Single [unreleased]
    Imaginary cover
    1966 Hank Squires

    EP single


    1. Candy Man
    2. Hubble Bubble
    3. I I Feel Fine
    4. Honey I Need

  • Album

    1966 Strange Effect
    COLUMBIA JSX 11074, 1966


    Side One

    1. That's what love will do
    2. Concrete and clay
    3. Up on the roof
    4. Maggies farm
    5. Ever since you said goodbye
    6. Strange effect

    Side Two

    1. It only took a minute
    2. Don't come knocking
    3. My girl
    4. Sick and tired
    5. Work out fine
    6. Play with fire

    Back Cover
  • Compilation Album

    1969 SA Press Club Presents "Command Performance"
    CP 1, Sponsored by EMI, Gallo and Highveld Records

    Album Cover

    Track: Ecstacy [Hank Squires]

  • Album Produced By Hank Squires

    1967 The Haunted [Album released on CD In 1995]
    VOXX VCD 2011

    CD Cover

    1. 1-2-5
    2. Shake
    3. Horror show
    4. Untie me
    5. I can only give you everything
    6. Eight o'clock this morning
    7. 1-2-5 (original version)
    8. Out of time
    9. Searching for my baby
    10. A message to pretty
    11. Twist
    12. Montreal blues
    13. Porquoi (talk talk)
    14. Vapeur mauva (purple haze)
    15. Come on home
    16. I'm a man
    17. Run down every street
    18. Land of make believe
    19. An act of leisure
    20. No more lovin'
    21. Mona
    22. I'm just gonna blow my little mind to bits


Tracks 16 and 17 were recorded by Our Generation and produced by Hank Squires and Louis McKelvey.

Tertius Louw, July 2001

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