P J Powers



  1. Sing Children Sing (P.J. Powers/A Rissik/ M. van Renen) (4:35)
  2. Shadowland (P.J. Powers/A Rissik/ M. van Renen) (4:06)
  3. No War (P.J. Powers/M. Fuller) (4:10)
  4. Eyes of Beauty (P.J. Powers/M. van Renen) (4:30)
  5. Hearts in Trouble (P.J. Powers/A. Rissik/D. Lonmon) (:40)
  6. Paradise (P.J. Powers/A. Rissik/M. Fuller) (4:50)
  7. Welcome to Africa (P.J. Powers/A. Rissik/M.van Renen) (4:30)
  8. Jabulani (with Prophets of the City) (G. van Dyk/Prophets of the City) (4:32)
  9. Chalabonga (P.J. Powers/A. Rissik/M. van Renen) (4:13)
  10. Winds of Change (P.J. Powers/A. Rissik/M. Fuller) (4:55)

Produced by Alan Rissik
Co-Produced by P.J. Powers & Mike Fuller
Programmed by Alan Rissik
Recorded at Downtown Studios
Engineered by Darryl Heilbrunn

Release information:

1991, Mike Fuller Music Records FML 1040 (cassette FMC 1040)


All info supplied by John Samson, April 2001.

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