PJ Powers - Thandeka
Talk To Me

Talk To Me


    Version 1
  1. Mama Africa
  2. Talk To Me
  3. Over And Over
  4. Steppin' Out
  5. This Life
  6. Bette Davis Eyes
  7. There Is An Answer
  8. Feel So Strong
  9. Let That River Roll
  10. I Know
  11. Drink It Down
  12. Blue
  13. Feel So Strong (Shebeen Mix)

    Unlisted bonus track:
  14. Crazy

    Revised Version
  1. You Got The Look (To Live By Baby)
  2. Mama Africa
  3. Talk To Me
  4. Over And Over
  5. Steppin' Out
  6. This Life
  7. Bette Davis Eyes
  8. There Is An Answer
  9. Feel So Strong
  10. Let That River Roll
  11. I Know
  12. Drink It Down
  13. Blue
  14. Feel So Strong (Shebeen Mix)

    Unlisted bonus track:
  15. Crazy

Musicians (selected):

  • PJ Powers: Vocals
  • Peter Martin: drums, bass, keyboards
  • Fernando Perdigao: drums, bass, keyboards
  • Denny Laloulette: drums
  • Jethro Butow: guitars
  • Paul Hanmer: piano
  • Peter de Vries: bass, drums, keyboards

Release information:

October 2001, Sting, STIDCD 030
April (?) 2002, Sting, STIPDCD 033 revised version


On the cover of this CD, the spiky and spunky new-look Penelope Jane Powers reaches out as if to grab you and pull you in. And that's exactly what the music on this album does. It talks to the listener on so many different levels. It could easily have been titled "The Many Faces of PJ Powers" as it features her in a variety of roles. She moves easily from Mama Africa to rock chick, torch singer, raver, Gospel shouter and pop star (watch out, Kylie).

This 14 track album includes a few new original songs as well as some cover versions. Included here is a cover of her own big hit 'Feel So Strong' (originally a duet with Steve Kekana in 1983). Half of the songs on 'Talk To Me' have been composed (or co-composed) by PJ herself. Her deep voice is perfectly suited to Bonnie Tyler and Kim Carnes type songs and here she sings a wonderful uptempo version of Kim's hit from 1981, 'Bette Davis Eyes'. Another great cover is the version of 'Let That River Roll' which was originally recorded by Hocus (formed in South Africa by Mutt Lange; Mr Twain to you) in 1971.

PJ puts on her best Björk voice for 'Blue' and does some Macy Gray inflections for a re-recording of 'There Is An Answer' which she had originally released on her first solo album in 1986. Among the many favourites of mine on this CD is the quirky 'Crazy', an unlisted 14th track which has the lyrics "I don't wanna be a bitch" and "I'm simply crazy for you, you are simply crazy...".

If you are a fan of PJ Powers then this CD is a must. If you love strong female vocals and excellent musicianship from the likes of Jethro Butow, Paul Hanmer, Fernando Perdigao & Peter Martin, then give this CD a listen. Highly recommended.
-- Brian Currin, March 2002

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