Petit Cheval
The Voice of Reason

Petit Cheval


  1. Young Lions
  2. Once in a Lifetime
    (not a cover of the Talking Heads song)
  3. Dreams come True
  4. It was the wind
  5. Pray like a Child
  6. Imagination
  7. My Bleeding heart
  8. Deep Blue
  9. What took you so Long
Petit Cheval

Produced by Petit Cheval & John Shaugnessy (except 'Once in a Lifetime' - Greg Cutler & John Selby)

All songs written by Jonathan Selby


  • Jonathan Selby - Voice
  • Sheldon Thomas - Keyboards
  • Craig Else - Guitars
  • Johan Griesel - Bass
  • Danny de Wet - Drums and Percussive Toys

Release information:

1985, WEA International WIC 8024 (Cassette ZWI 8024)
Complete album available on Once In A Lifetime compilation CD released by RetroFresh in 2006.

John Samson, May 2000


Spearheading the New Romantic movement in South Africa in the 80's Petit Cheval sound a lot like Spandau Ballet on this record. It is not only because of the remarkable similarity of Jonathan Selby's voice to Spandau's Tony Hadley, but there is a similar sound and feel to this polished pop album. Tunes like 'Once in a Lifetime' and 'It was the wind' blend guitars with the then popular synthesizer to create a sound not far from the big bands of the day. In fact, the saxophone is the only thing missing to make this a perfect Spandau record, although having said that, there is beneath the surface, a faint hint of "african" sound to remind the listener of where this band is from and set apart from it's UK counterparts.


Info and scans supplied by John Samson, April/ May 2000. Picture single scan by Stephan Forster, September 2001

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