Operation Stingray

Operation Stingray


  1. Operation Stingray (M Pilot, S Wright) [4:36]
  2. Long Gone (M Pilot) [3:05]
  3. Victory (D East, M Pilot) [3:15]
  4. Devotion (D East) [4:27]
  5. You're No Throwaway Love (D Anthill) [3:36]
  6. No Dice (M Pilot, S Wright) [3:42]
  7. Bloody Money (D East, D Anthill) [3.47]
  8. The Big Question (D East) [3:46]
  9. One Night Lady (D Pilot, S Wright) [4:31]
  10. Smooth Talkin' (D Anthill, D East) [3:30]

Produced & mixed by Julian Laxton.
Executive Producer: David Gresham.
Recorded at Satbel Studios by Peter Thwaites


  • Dennis East: Lead Vocals
  • Mike Pilot: Lead guitar & vocals
  • Danny Anthill: Clavinet, electric piano & organ
  • Shaun Wright: Drums & percussion
  • Eddie Boyle: Bass guitarist


This is a good solid AOR album from a sort of an SA supergroup. Band members Dennis East, Mike Pilot (ex-Tidal Wave) and Danny Anthill are all stars in their own right. The title track opens the album and has an "Eye of the Tiger" feel to it and most of the tracks could easily have come from the big rock band of the US like Journey, Boston etc. Julian Laxton lends a hand with some great production work. Dennis East's vocals are strong and there is a great Beach Boy-esque moment on "One night lady" where the band get some brilliant harmonies going. "Devotion" is the album's ballad which has a big sound and catchy chorus. If there is one criticism of this album it's that it lacks invention and replicates the American sound. Still it does it really well.

John Samson, SA Rock Digest Issue #61, June 2000

Release information:

1980, Nitty Gritty Records NGC 1028 (cassette ZNGC 1028)


All info supplied by John Samson, November 2001.

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