The Insisters

All-girl group from JoBurg 1980-83

The Insisters 1982

"... and here comes Linda Dawson with thigh-high leather boots on
She plays lead guitar in an all-girl band ..."
-- Jonathan Handley (from 'Yeoville Canticle')



  • If That's What You Want/
    Sweetheart (1981) Radium
  • If That's What You Want/
    Sweetheart re-issue (1982) WEA Went to No 1 on RAUcharts and peaked at No 39 on Capital charts on 13 March 1982
  • Bluebeat/
    Wild Horses Heavy Waves (1983) WEA
    'Bluebeat' is a fine example of garage pop at its best
    -- Benjy Mudie
    Sue Charlton (solo):

  • I'm Amazed/
    Someone (1984) WEA


  • Sue Charlton (Su Insister): vocals, drums
  • Yvonne Raff: guitar, vocals (left in 1982)
  • Linda Dawson: lead guitar, vocals (passed away 1993)
  • Muff Shapiro: bass, vocals (left in 1982)
  • Colleen Briel: keyboards (joined in 1982, see also Snakeshed)
  • Tammy Isaacson: bass (joined in 1982)

All info supplied by Sue Charlton, September 2002. Photo from the History of Contemporary Music Of South Africa book (TOGA 1994).

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