Finch & Henson
High Octane

High Octane


  1. Hey Operator
  2. Love You A Little More Every Day
  3. Hollywood Bum
  4. Ladybird
  5. What Will Become Of Our Children?
  6. Stop!
  7. Ain't It A Shame
  8. Ghost Wind
  9. Belinda Lou
  10. Lonely Spaceman

Arranged and produced by Lofty Schultz, engineered by Peter Ceronio


  • Brian Finch: Vocals, acoustic guitars
  • Ken E Henson: Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
  • Glyn Storm: keyboards
  • Les Goode: bass
  • Ashley Kelly: bass
  • Art Freend: drums
  • Tony Moore: drums
  • Lofty Schultz and Ron Franchetti: saxes
  • Eric Norgate and Hansel van Brugham: trumpets
  • John Davies: trombone
  • Nick van Rensburg: French horn
  • Stockley Sisters: backing vocals
  • Dennis East: backing vocals
  • Bill Green: steel guitar

Release information:

1978, Warner Brothers Records


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