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Tune Us Your Top 10: KEVIN SHIRLEY

Every week we ask a well-known SA music personality to give us a list of their top 10 South African songs: This week it's the turn of the internationally-renowned producer, Kevin Shirley, who began his career in South Africa working with Juluka, David Kramer, All Night Radio, Basil"Mannenburg" Coetzee, Sweatband and many others, before heading off overseas where he has since worked with members of Led Zeppelin, and produced albums for the Black Crowes, Iron Maiden, the Springbok Nude Girls and many, many more. Over to Kevin in London:

Caveman Productions
Caveman Productions

Thanks for asking me to do this!.

Unfortunately, my selection seems to date me, but these were the hedonistic days of rock in SA for me.

My Top 11 SA Songs are:
  • Baxtop - 'Jo Bangles'
  • Ellamental - 'Pressure'
  • Falling Mirror - 'Highway Blues'
  • Rabbitt - 'Hard Ride'
  • Sweatband - 'This Boy'
  • Steve Louw and Big Sky - 'Waiting For The Dawn'
  • Robin Auld - 'Going Down'
  • McCully Workshop - 'Buccaneer'
  • Leslie Rae Dowling - 'The Spaniard'
  • Springbok Nude Girls - 'X'
  • Tribe After Tribe - 'The Watch'

And, I have to add a special selection: 'Waiting For The Dawn', by my band, The Council, from 1985 with the late great Brian Davidson singing. Steve (Louw) stole the title from me, but he turned it to very good use. If anyone actually has a copy of this, I don't, and would love one!

All the best,
Kevin Shirley

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