Bright Blue (left-to-right): Peter Cohen, Dan Heymann, Tom Fox and Ian Cohen


Bright Blue Bright Blue Bright Blue
Bright Blue - Open Your Eyes Bright Blue - Madiba (1990)
  • Window On The World (1984) Jive Wire
  • Weeping /
    Yesterday Night (1987) Blue Records, BLU 1
    'Weeping' is listed as one of the 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf and was voted the South African Song of the Century.

    I never hear 'Weeping' without being moved by the song, it has such power. I'm an English teacher here in Texas and used the song as an introduction to reading Cry the Beloved Country. My students were also impressed with the power and meaning of the song.
    -- Kurt Shoemaker, Texas, February 2000


    The lyrics for 'Weeping' are here...

  • Where Would I Go /
    To Be There (1989) EMI, EMIJ 4053417
  • Open Your Eyes (EP) (1996):
    1.Wouldn't Miss It For The World
    2.Open Your Eyes
    3.Peace Train
    The Blue are back and in great form. This three song CD single is hopefully a taster off a new album, but still a thing of beauty and value. The single 'Wouldn't Miss It For The World' is not only a great song but should have done the business as either a better national anthem or at minimum the new constitution song. Singing obviously about being part/past, present and now in the future of our wild and cool new democratic country, "You know I wouldn't miss it for the world, you know I've been waiting...."
    The other two songs are reasonable in this company, but its a good addition to your cd singles pile.
    Very bright!
    -- Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, 1996
  • Madiba 1990 (June 2003) Download only
Bright Blue - Madiba 1990 uploaded by Brian Currin



Bright Blue Bright Blue Bright Blue
A Far Country by Robin Levetan



  • Robin Levetan: vocals on Bright Blue (1984)
  • Tom Fox: guitar, vocals
  • Ian Cohen: bass, vocals
  • Peter Cohen: drums, vocals
  • Dan Heymann: keyboards (1984-88, 2002-3)

  • Basil Coetzee: sax on 'Weeping'
  • McCoy Mrubata: sax on 'Yesterday Night'
  • Peter Barnett: percussion on Bright Blue (1984)
  • Scorpion Madondo: Saxophone on 'Time On My Own'
  • Terri Cohen: backing vocals (1996, 2001)
  • Tonia Selley: backing vocals (1996)
  • Mark Goliath: keyboards (2001)
  • Buddy Wells: saxophone on 'Madiba 1990'