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No. Date Article Artist
01 Aug 16 2006 Shine on you crazy diamond! Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd
02 Sep 28 2006 Long may you run! Neil Young: part 1
03 Sep 30 2006 Long may you run! (continued) Neil Young: part 2
04 Nov 17 2006 Bummer in the summer Arthur Lee and Love
05 Jan 26 2007 Revolver: Thirty-five glorious minutes ... The Beatles (1966)
06 May 27 2007 Sgt Pepper: Remembering tangerine trees ... The Beatles (1967)
07 Jul 15 2007 Living in turbulent indigo Joni Mitchell: part 1
08 Jul 16 2007 Striking an unusual chord Joni Mitchell: part 2
09 Aug 31 2007 Brian Wilson dreamt he had a halo ... The Beach Boys: part 1
10 Sep 1 2007 Trouble In Paradise: The rise and fall ... The Beach Boys: part 2
11 Sep 30 2007 So much trouble in Jamaica Bob Marley: part 1
12 Oct 1 2007 Reggae's poet laureate sang for the downtrodden Bob Marley: part 2

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Michael Waddacor – a British freelance writer based in Johannesburg and the publisher of the occasional Strange BrewTM rock ezine – has been writing on a wide variety of rock artists and topics since 1979. He is a former music critic of The Rand Daily Mail, a former editor of Top 40 music magazine and a former co-host of 5FM's Vintage Vinyl Saturday lunchtime radio show, among other highlights. He also contributed liner notes for Fresh Music's RetroFresh series of album releases.

Recognised as one of the leading rock writers and commentators in South Africa, Michael is available to undertake serious research and writing commissions from international rock magazines, newspapers, record companies and artist management companies. You can phone him on 0027 (0)11 888 1226 or email him for more information: Strange Brew

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