Mystery Of Life

There are mountains of thoughts that you climb in your mind
In your quietest moment you'll probably find
The answers are short they cut like a knife
It's the mystery of life

There's a sea of frustration you swim in the night
In your moments of madness there's no wrong or right
You look for a spark and hope for a light
To lead you to the mystery of life


So you get one chance too few choices
Deep inside you you can hear the voice
So if you miss one will they miss you too?
Is the mystery just a part of you that is hiding?

Now your world floats in flowers skies are all clear
You can fly through the rainbows without any fear
And we know in the distance we'll somehow be nearer to you
And the mystery of life


Written by Debbi Lonmon /Jenni Lonmon /Lionel Bastos

From the album Along The Way

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