Various Artists - Wingerd Rock 2
Squeeze My Tros

Wingerd Rock 2

1998, Trippy Grape, TRIP006

See also Wingerdrock 1


  1. Just Another Notch On My Bedpost Baby - Honeymoon Suites
  2. Scene In Colour - Calamity Jane
  3. 9 Aldershot Road - Government Car
  4. Worknut - Dorp
  5. Los Della Funk - 508
  6. Happily Jobless - Dennis Brothers
  7. Jah Rastafarai - Ras Tamie
  8. Should I Stay - Sunfish
  9. Elektrisiteit - Raaskopleef
  10. Insignificance - Honeymoon Suites
  11. Poison Fruit - Dorp
  12. We Come From The Ghetto - Ras Tamie
  13. In The End - Calamity Jane
  14. Cybersurferraver - Dennis Brothers
  15. Soul Dreaming - Government Car
  16. Prairie Dog - 508
  17. Dawn Of Clay - Sunfish
  18. Permanente Breinskade - Raaskopleef


Two years after the first CD in this series, Dirk Uys and his Trippy Grape mates released Wingerd Rock 2. The format was the same, 18 tracks featuring 2 each by 9 acts. The only difference this time was that the net was widened from Stellenbosch to include the Western Cape and the Boland.

Although the album doesn't feature big names like Koos Kombuis and Valiant Swart (though Valiant does guest on Raaskopleef's tunes), this is not just a bunch of also-rans. There are tracks by the early version of Dorp, the soon-to-become-Akkedis Dennis Brothers and the much touted Honeymoon Suites.

Once again the sound is generally grunge rock, but this compilation has a fair smattering of Ska sounds (mainly due to a proliferation of saxophone) and even 2 reggae tracks by Ras Tamie. Dorp and the Honeymoon Suites are the most Ska-ish while the grunge comes from Government Car, Sunfish and 508. Both the Dennis Brothers and Calamity Jane offer pleasant rock and the latter features some great vocals from Mandy Currie.

There is a good mix of English and Afrikaans lyrics. My favourite lyric being in the Honeymoon Suites 'Just another notch in my Bedpost' which goes "just another hair on my chest now baby". Boy, do those guys know how to make a girl feel special or what.

This is as good a collection of tunes as the first compilation and it's now 3 years since it's release and no Wingerd Rock 3. Come on Dirk, we want another helping of the Grapest Hits of the Western Cape.

John Samson, October 2001

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