1993, The Spawning
1994, Embrace Your Creation
1996, Blistered

MetalMorphosis are:

  • Marq Vas
  • Davy Lee
  • Adam Thomas
  • Neil Ward
  • Dean Jason
  • Neil Ford
  • Etienne Kruger
  • Gary Rankin
  • Derrick Newman


On another ‘sabbatical’ to Los Angeles in 1992 Marq Vas is subjected to violent abuse by a fresher face an angrier and a more expressive face of music and total exposure to the likes of Pantera, Machine Head , Sepultura, Slayer tinged with the more melodic feel of Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots coupled with the Jack Daniels swigging sessions with Lemmy (Motorhead) and ex - South African muso based in L.A, Vince Rocco, a new demon is about to be spawned. On return from Los Angeles and on consultation with music exec’s in South Africa the thought of an ‘in your face’ act was judged to be ludicrous and just wouldn’t ‘cut it’. Ex ‘Sleaze Patrollers’ Davy ‘RoadconeOwen’ Lee, Jimi ‘Welding Boots ‘ Daubeney and Stuart ‘MyBroth’ Hollingdrake are coaxed to assist in driving the project with promises of ‘fame and misfortune’! Taking up the challenge of the project, ‘ Metalmorphosis’ is officially spawned in March 1993 despite the negativity shown by those ‘in power’!

-- Metalmorphosis Timeline --

--- 1993 --- 1993 --- 1993 --- 1993 ---

After only 4 months together win South Africa’s ‘Metal Monster Mayhem’ - Battle of the Bands “ prize being to open for ‘Carcass’ on their South African tour. Months of negotiation with lawyers and SPCA due to ‘Goat slinging’ episode at competition end in compromise...

“... any sane person will surely be deranged, after especially the goat-slinging of Metalmorphosis ...” - CD International - 1993

“... Marq is the most aggressive front man I've ever witnessed ... his stage presence and aggression dominates the whole show , reminding me of Pantera! ... “ - Vaal News – 1993

“... Metalmorphosis took first prize sporting a large goat carcass…” - Voice of Wits - 1993

Release of ‘The Spawning’, the bands debut offering is quickly snapped up by college radio stations in the USA and gets the ‘crazee train’ rolling.

“... The Spawning’ firmly places the bands unique conglomeration of styles up front in your face ...” - Chaotic Critiques (Canada) -1994

First metal act to play at ‘mainstream’ venues.

--- 1994 --- 1994 --- 1994 --- 1994 ---

Release of ‘Embrace Your Creation’ receives critical acclaim across the waters.

“... metal from South Africa of all places! I was even more surprised at the aggression that raged forth from my tape deck! Cool stuff. . . “ - Rubberneck – (USA) - 1995

“... a veritable jaunt through the darkest territories of a tortured mind, guttaral, doomy, yet tight as the proverbial ducks arse ...“ - Metal Hammer- (U.K) - 1995

Bassist Neil Ford is arrested for allegedly ‘trading’ illegal substances to purchase the band their own nite club.

--- 1995 --- 1995 --- 1995 --- 1995 ---

The official fanclub “ Sleaze Patrol”, peaks at an average of over 1000 letters from abroad a week from fans as far away as Lithuania, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Japan.

“... we waited , our eyes never leaving his snorting face ... eventually it happened ! a large globule of saliva departs from his upturned head ...” - Voice of Wits - 1995

First local metal head to be interviewed on major radio stations:
5fm - Barney Simon, Phil Wright
702 - Dennis Smith

First metal act to “break the mould” and gig with mainstream acts.

Tracks ‘Democracy’ and ‘Eternity of Sorrow’ reach no. 7 and no. 9 in Belgium respectively.

First metal act to break the tradition of only “ rock acts at rock festivals” Oppikoppi music festival.

“... hectic menacing stuff-belching death like vocals, blast drums, chainswaw guitars ...” - Noize Chamber- (New Zealand) - 1995

--- 1996 --- 1996 --- 1996 --- 1996 ---

The track ‘Metalmorphosis’ is featured on a Dutch metal compilation entitled ‘From Beyond’.

Marq Vas is the first ‘metal head’ to be interviewed on television re ‘the state of South African Music’. (Interview ‘edited’ due to a number of ‘unwholesome’ comments...)

"Blistered" is released to much acclaim:
Voted as the 4th best album worldwide by Phil Wright - 5fm.
Received the “highest rating” when the album was reviewed in
the December issue, Top 40 Mag
Voted “best metal act“ by Barney Simon - 5fm

“... when your head starts banging, it’s ‘Blistered’ playing ... powerful, fast, defiantly effusive...” - Top 40 - 1996.

--- 1997 --- 1997 --- 1997 --- 1997 ---

Jack Daniels sponsor secured ... and a whole new element of discord is created!

--- 1998 --- 1998 --- 1998 --- 1998 ---

"Marq Vas survives high speed altercation in his Porsche with a ‘warthog’ en-route to music festival.

Invited as guest compare at Oppikoppi Music Festival –Northam (South Africa).

“... compare extraordinaire filled in the gaps. He arrived spitting on stage with Jack Daniel’s in his one hand ... chaos abounded...” - Star - 1998

--- Timespans ---

--- 1996 - 1997 ---

Inordinate amount of publicity created by the church due to the antics of ‘Metalmorphosis’ and ‘Vas’ allegedly being ‘the spawn of the ‘devil’.

Much time spent by parents attempting to boycott gigs due to alleged Satanic connection between Marq Vas and Lucifer himself (further fuelled by Marq Vas antics by dressing up as a priest and quoting verses from the Porn Mag ‘Fietsa’ on stage and also adorning a football jersey with the numbers 666 emblazoned on the back…)

Marq Vas, evil front man has returned from the devils lair to inflict a new kind of reoccurring nightmare…” - Boksburg Advertiser - 1997

--- 1996 - 1997 ---

Invited to compere and judge ‘Battle of the Bands’ in Johannesburg(South Africa).

--- Additional Info ---

Marketed band through underground and sold copies of albums in over 60 different countries as far reaching as:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic

Featured in over 200 different publications worldwide.

First metal act to be given recognition by mainstream South African media: radio, televison and press.

Metalmorphosis was finally checked into ‘virtual rehab’ after a number of line up changes, deaths, and run in with churches, parents and police, substance abuse and general misuse.

Metalmorphosis will ALWAYS be Marq Vas, Davy 'RoadconeOwen’ Lee, Adam ‘Elvis’ Thomas, Neil Ward, Dean Jason, Etienne Kruger, Neil Ford, Gary ‘Lash’ Rankin, Derrick Newman.

“ Metalmorphosis were brilliant ! Very Tight, relentless, very loud!” - Star – 1997 ...and just when you thought the demon had been laid to rest Metalmorphosis' cult following is still alive and the disease is spreading...
January: Tracks from the 1996 release 'Blistered' emerges on the charts.
'Passion Mother' peaks at # 2. A second track, 'Boneyard' marches up the charts.

February: 'Boneyard' hovers at # 3 and a further track 'Flesh' enters just outside the top 30.

The 'Sleaze Patrol' comes to the Internet in the form of the Official Metalmorphosis Resource Site,

March: 'Boneyard' climbs to # 2, 'Passion Mother' remains in the top 20 and a 4th track 'Fishes of Men' enters just outside the top 30...
April: 'Fishes of Men' grooves in at # 1.

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