Ronnie Singer Sound

Keith Moffat and Ronnie Singer



  • Clifton Beat, Gallotone, GALP 1380


    Tracks: I should have known better/ That's what I want/ Hi heel sneakers/ Magic dream [Moffat-Singer]/ Farmer John/ Bikiniland [Singer]/ All I want from you [Singer-Noble]/ You've come a long way from St Louis/ Pretty girl [Singer-Moffat]/ Faster and faster [Singer-Moffat]/ Leave me alone [Singer-Moffat/ I want to write a song [Singer-Moffat]/ Hard day's night/ I remember the wind [Singer-Moffat]

  • 004 (It's Allright)/ Ronnie Singer Sound (Clifton Beat),


  • Battle Of The Bands, Gallotone, GALP 1410


    Tracks: Walking the dog/ 500 Miles/ 24 Hours from Tulsa/ That's how love should be [Moffat-Singer]/ I feel fine/ Always something there to remind me/ No reply/ I'll be loving you [Singer]/ That's old fashioned/ Every time that you walk in the room/ High noon

  • The Fabulous Sound Of Ronnie Singer, Gallotone, GALP 1430


    Tracks: I want you/ Please don't feel so bad/ Tokoloshe/ All my trails/ Green onions/ I got my mojo working/ Watermelon man/ One mint Julep/ You've lost that loving feeling/ Cathy's clown/ Heartbreak hotel


    Note: Ronnie Singer recorded a cover version of the Sam Sklair hit

    Seven Single:

  • I Want To Hold Your Hand/ What About The Beatles [Singer-Moffat], Continental, PD. 7-8807, 1964

    seven single

    Band Members:

  • Ronnie Singer, organ and vocals
  • Keith Moffat, drums
  • Derek Marks, bass on last album
  • Anton Fig, drums
  • Keith Lentin, guitar
  • Brian Jones, guitar
  • George Wolfaardt, bass
  • James Marwick, drums
  • Neville Whitmill, vocals
  • Mike Faure, sax
  • Neville Green, guitar
  • Charlie Peterson, bass
  • Jeremy Dreyer, drums
  • Anton van Rooyen, bass


-- Tertius Louw, May 2002

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