VoŽlvry - Die Toer

VoŽlvry - Die Toer

April 2002, Sheer, SHIF002

See also VoŽlvry (The Album)

The roots and branches of the VoŽlvry movement can be seen on The Radio Rats Family Tree


  1. Sit Dit Af - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  2. Bomskok Babalaas - Koos Kombuis
  3. Paranoia In Parow Noord - Koos Kombuis
  4. Hou My Vas Korporaal - Bernoldus Niemand
  5. My Broken Heart - Bernoldus Niemand
  6. BMW - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  7. Wat 'n Vriend Het Ons In PW - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  8. Almal Moet Gerook Raak - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  9. Avbob - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  10. Autobank Vastrap - Koos Kombuis
  11. Fanie - Koos Kombuis
  12. Hillbrow - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  13. Lied Van Ou Afrika - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  14. Snor City - Bernoldus Niemand
  15. Vakansie In Lusaka - Koos Kombuis
  16. Where Do You Go To PW? - Koos Kombuis
  17. Tronk - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  18. Die Nuus - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  19. Barend Vat Ons Geld - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  20. Ossewa - Gereformeerde Blues Band
  21. Siembamba - Koos Kombuis & Johannes Kerkorrel


Sometime in 1989 a new political party came to the fore in South Africa. Although they never seemed to have an obvious leader, power seemed to lie mostly with 3 men, Mr A le Toit, Mr J Kerkorrel and Mr B Niemand. Calling themselves the Alternatiewe Afrikaaner Party they embarked on a nationwide roadshow and engaged in a vitriolic attack on the current government. An overview of their VoŽlvry manifesto, that has recently been made public follows.


When it came to television, people were encouraged to 'Sit dit Af' particularly 'Die Nuus' where bad news is delivered with a smile. As an alternative (or alternatiewe), it is suggested that 'Almal Moet Gerook Raak' or take a 'Vakansie in Lusaka'.


Mr Niemand put forward a proposal that troopies become better acquainted with their superior's in his document entitled 'Hou My Vas Korporaal', suggesting that this may help prevent a symptom identified by Mr le Toit as 'Bomskok Babelaas'.


Two modes of transport are recommended. Either drive a 'BMW' or 'n 'Ossewa'. Reading between the lines, it would seem that the BMW is for formal snootynosed occasions while the Ossewa could be described as a jolmobile.


Mr le Toit suggests dancing with cash machines in the 'Autobank Vastrap' while Mr Kerkorrel adapts the Swedish winner takes it all policy reminding wouters that 'Barend Vat Ons Geld'.

It is difficult to establish the exact effect the rock 'n rollercoaster ride of this party had on the political history of South Africa, but it's probably safe to say that it did affect the Tassenberg share price. Many subsequent parties have released manifestos based on this ground breaking one, but none as important.

As for the leaders of the party, well Mr le Toit has concentrated on domestic matters (especially those around the kitchen), Mr Niemand sadly passed away, while the last that was heard of Mr Kerkorrel is "dat hy 'n cabbie-ry".

This newly released copy of the manifesto, gives one a view into those heady political times and an insight into the political movement known as Alternatiewe Afrikaaners. Such was the impact of this VoŽlvry manifesto that The Beatles even wrote a song about it.

-- John Samson, May 2002

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