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  • Demo (Limited Collector's Edition) 3 track demo: Wasted Out, Breathe Me Down, Tea & Cakes (August 2001)
  • Picture Perfect (March 2002)
  • Picture Perfect re-issued as a 2CD set with bonus tracks (August 2002)


  • Nic Olsen - guitars, vocals
  • Matt Wilkenson - guitars, vocals
  • Adam Connor - bass, vocals
  • Mike Goodard - drums, vocals


Perez had been performing all over South Africa during 2001 and ended the year with a blast as they embarked on one of the biggest summer tours in South Africa The 5FM Summer Tour. The band gave the sun tanning coastal crowds something to curl their toes into the sand for as they sip on their ice-cold beers.

But aside from the tour, they have been clocking up a few miles on the charts as they finally reached No 1 one on the Ericsson High 5 At Five, being the fourth SA band in History to do so. The single ended up spending 5 weeks in the top 5 and 3 of those at no1, and No 9 on the 5FM Top 40. The bands second single 'Picture Perfect' also reached No 1 on the High 5 at 5 on 5FM and stayed there for two weeks.

So what got the band to where they are now? And what is it that is getting the crowds so excited at a mere mention of the band?

Our story begins at a debut gig at Splashy Fen 2001 and travels into the not so distant future where 1 year later to the day at Splashy Fen 2002 where the band is returning to the stage where they debuted, but this time to headline the festival. Perez and their now familiar anthem of a song 'Wasted Out' literally rocked the festival and sent tongues wagging as to who this new band was. They had brought a new formula to the stage.

Originally hailing from Durban, the bands fresh new vibe, along with their laid back act and attitudes, can be heard in their song lyrics. They seemed to be giants on the stage. Their performance had the big show feel to it and is oh so cool. In fact these guys literally ooze rock n roll, it all seems to come naturally for each band member.

What came out of the band was a completely different new range of tunes. The songs and sound as well as the 4-staping lads on stages sent a message that no one had expected. Something in the lines of 'We have arrived' and all that!

Their new formula worked. After four months in the rehearsal room they had successfully played their first gig at Splashy Fen to an absolutely spellbound audience.

Perez Demo The next time Perez were seen, was at the RT Rocking for the youth charity event held at the Showcase on Youth Day. The show was strongly supported by 5FM and their first single 'Wasted out' received wide spread airplay during the weeks leading up to the event. Interviews with Sami Sabiti, to discuss their single "Wasted out" (added to Playlist 10/6), and Ian F, to discuss Youth Day followed. They also went along with 5FM late night DJ, Barney Simon, to Cotlands Baby Sanctuary for a tour in support of the charity event.

Shortly afterwards, Perez appeared back in their home town Durban, to perform alongside Tree 63 at the Mr. Price Pro free concert in front of thousands of supporters and then went on to the Grahamstown festival to perform alongside Crous and Carstens (Springbok Nude Girls) and Semisane. Perez then went on to perform at Oppikoppi on the Saturday evening, the most sought after day and time slot.

After finishing a small coastal tour as well as the Western Cape, Perez completed recording a demo with David Birch and their first single 'Wasted Out' has since been receiving A list airplay on 5FM, causing the crowd at their final festival gig of 2001, Woodstock, to chant along familiarly to the song.

To top off their busy year they were added to the 5fm Birthday Bash along with Just Jinger, International band Feeder and Saron Gas.

Not bad for a band that is barely a year old.

The hype continues to grow as more and more people get to see and hear the band. Now that radio has caught on to the magic of the band, Perez has also has been receiving feverish and idol like reception during their gigs, attracting fans to ask for an autograph or two. A tight outfit with a lot of charm, their stage performance is phenomenal. An interesting fact to add is that Nic and Adam are both trained in classical music.

Picture Perfect The band appeals to the masses. Playing classic Indie Brit rock with their own particular take on it, Perez have been compared to the likes of 'Coldplay', 'Placebo' and 'The Pixies'. The band has a unique sound of its own influenced by a variety of bands. 'Muse' being the bands biggest inspiration. And the result. A combination of angst-filled vocals, addictive lyrics, energetic drum rolls and frenzied guitar, add just the right amount of magic. Slower numbers such as 'Dreams And Troubles' and 'She Moves' are given the full effect in the live setting, leaving crowds sitting in complete silence. Other faster, energising gems such as 'Wasted Out' and 'Smells Likes Music' jolt you awake like a bolt of lightning.

Biography supplied by Tracey from Powerzone, March 2002


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