Various Artists - A Moment In Cape Town


CD Cover

November 2002, Wonder Label


  1. Red Rock City - Mac Mackenzie & the Goema Captains of Cape Town mp3
  2. Amazing Grace - Ernie
  3. Nalete - Neo Muyanga
  4. Don't Push - Mikanic featuring Ernie Deane and Lee Thompson mp3
  5. Vibin' at Cairo's - Richard Ceasar
  6. Time To Fight - Carlo Dimonde & the David Poole Quartet
  7. DJ's Request - Black Noize feauring Sky189
  8. Slow Slow - Robbie Jansen & the Sons of Table Mountain
  9. Nasty - Golliwog
  10. Vrou van Samaria - Alex van Heerden & Derek Gripper
  11. On And On - The Khoi Konnextion
  12. Ignorance - Devious
  13. Eclipse - Tribe

    Recorded live at the SABC Beach Road studios 2002

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