• Fall Into the Sun EP [2002]
  • You Could EP [2003]
  • Mirrors & Shade - album [2004]
  • Play Me EP [2005]
  • PLAY ME - album [November 2005]

Cover art:

Fall Into the Sun EP You Could EP Mirrors & Shade
Play Me EP Play Me  


  • Ike Moriz: vocals, acoustic & 12 string guitar, backing vocals, grand piano, keyboards, production
  • Jim Barnes: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass
  • Alan van Kleef: drums, bass, percussion, engineering, mix, mastering
  • Rike Duser: backing vocals
  • Andy Carr: bass
  • Steve Kent: engineering, mix

Full track listing of both albums:

Mirrors and Shade:

(1) Another Day
(2) Mirrors and Shade – radio mix
(3) Fall into the sun
(4) Flame Blue
(5) You Could (thrill me, kiss me, kill me, ...) – radio mix
(6) Still
(7) Visionary – radio mix
(8) Drowning (in London town) – radio mix
(9) Our Gold
(10) Fake Fatale
(11) Another Day – reprise

Play Me:

(1) Hey, hey-hey, hey
(2) Play Me
(3) I Feel Real
(4) Every time the Sun
(5) Light is Dark
(6) Evacuate Me
(7) Dull Blue Eyes
(8) The Sad Songs




Ike Moriz is a professional international artist of the highest musical standard, with a fresh, unique, intelligent, proudly South African, yet international sound.He feels strongly about South Africa and sees himself as an ambassador of ‘The Homecoming’ and SA music.

Capetownian Ike Moriz comes from a very artistic family of designers & musicians and was exposed to theatre, literature, music and art from an early age. Already during his secondary school years he showed a great talent for writing, acting and performing as a musician. After a short flirt with modelling (Elite Models), psychology & business studies, Ike started his music career by studying music (Jazz performers) at UCT. His fascination with International Pop/Rock & Jazz made him decide to absolve part of this course at two colleges of music in the Netherlands and Germany.
Right after finishing his degree at the end of 1999, the young singer / songwriter immigrated to London as the lead singer of the West London Rock band Stunt Double. During his plentiful stays in Europe, Ike fronted bands in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Dresden and London.

Mr Moriz has gained international acclaim as a singer/songwriter/musician & producer since starting to work as a solo artist with George Michael’s and Marc Almond’s producer S. Kent in London from 2002 (Tin Pan Alley Studios). His first singles FALL INTO THE SUN, YOU COULD and MIRRORS & SHADE have been aired on the radio and TV in 17 countries. Critics described him as “Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK chart “alternative” without the boredom.”

He has just finished the “Mirrors and Shade tour 2004” promoting his debut album MIRRORS & SHADE in the UK, Holland, Italy & Germany. All singles have reached high radio chart positions in the UK, Holland and SA. He has gained more and more support from an international fan base over the past 3 years reflected on his ever-growing web site www.ikemoriz.com. He founded his very own record label MOSQUITO RECORDS three years ago in London and has moved back home to the Cape in August 2005 for good.

Invigorated by coming home to his most favourite country in the world, Ike has been extremely enthusiastic about promoting his brandnew album and single PLAY ME. He has already played many venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town with many more to come in the next couple of weeks, and he just finished filming the video of the album title track PLAY ME in Cape Town with Scratch Productions involving SA top director Johan Nel of Fokofpolisieka fame & top model Lisa-Marie Schneider (Cosmopolitan, FHM). Throughout his stay in London, Ike has also nurtured his acting talents by starring as the male lead in the new American musical Saving Anne at Greenwich Theatre/London and doing countless small parts in various British and American feature films, commercials and TV series. The album PLAY ME will hit the shelves at the end of October 2005!

Ike Moriz is a truly open minded cosmopolitan with a heart that strongly beats for South Africa. He strives to show the world that SA music of TODAY is not just as good as British or American music, but can hold it’s own!



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