Ian Henderson - Freefall


April 2002, N3 Records

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 17
weeks on Top 20: 1

Ian Henderson


  1. Crash Landing
  2. I Believe
  3. Reformed
  4. Grandfather
  5. Feel
  6. Lover Goodbye
  7. Tears
  8. Dreamer
  9. Beautiful Life MP3
  10. Fine Day

Musicians (selected):

  • Ian Henderson: vocals, guitars, piano, programming
  • Ntsholeng Se'etso: bass
  • Wesley Gibbens: drums
  • David Birch: guitar
  • Angus Kerr: violin, bass, guitars, percussion, programming, vocals


'Freefall' is the sound of a musical plan coming together beautifully. Ian Henderson is a new SA singer songwriter who has taken ten of his best compositions into the Durban studios of Angus Kerr and David Birch and, with their help and that of a host of Durban musicians, has emerged with an album that is soon going to find its way into many people's hearts, homes and stereos. The Kerr/Birch team has produced some great albums recently (Perez, Tony Cox, Landscape Prayers), but 'Freefall' is going to bring them plentch new customers.

Every one of these ten songs has been given a sympathetic and appropriate musical makeover, and consequently each adds another facet to this little gem of an album. As is the new style, acoustic instruments and personal lyrics mix comfortably with their electronic cousins and these inventive arrangements give these songs space and time to grow and expose their charms.

'Freefall' is also packed with a range of magical musical touches by artists in 'a supporting role' that demand repeated listenings. There's that gorgeous cello on 'Grandfather', the soaring choral climax of 'I Believe', Ntsholeng Se'etso's wondrous and emotive bass all over the album, and many other memorable moments. Like the strong but vulnerable opener 'Crash Landing', the jazzy mid-album catharsis of 'Feel', the beautiful Buckley-like 'Lover Goodbye', and the powerful and moving closing duo of deserved first single, 'Beautiful Life', and 'Fine Day' with Kerry de Witt on vocals.

But ultimately it is Ian Henderson's rough-sweet vocals, thoughtful piano touches and obvious songwriting skills that give this bright debut its winning core. 'Freefall' into this!

-- Stephen Segerman, May 2002

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All info supplied by Ian Henderson, April 2002

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