Forest Moon - Forest Moon

Forest Moon

2002, Forest Moon Productions, MOON001


  1. Indy Ann
  2. This Love
  3. Just Like You Said
  4. Silent (Hard As Stone)
  5. Dinosaur
  6. Lost
  7. Sense
  8. The Blood You Loose
  9. Nothing Changes (Link)
  10. Believe
  11. Dino Ver 1.1
  12. Forest Moon
  13. Stay


  • Jerome Arthur: Vocals, backing vocals, guitars and keyboards
  • Greg Gordon: Vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion and keyboards
  • Chris Hanson: Additional guitars on 'Dinosaur'


Forest Moon's debut album is the musical equivalent of a hammock, strung between two of the trees in the forest that surrounds the duo's small high-tech studio in Franschhoek where this chilled, nu-folk collection was recorded. 'Forest Moon' is an unassuming and gentle slice of melodic acoustic tunes with scattered rock and world influences, all embellished with soft vocals and harmonies and lush but not overdone string and vocal harmony arrangements.

The duo met by chance when Belgian singer-songwriter Jerome Arthur knocked on producer-musician Greg Gordon's door looking for some cables. Arthur began his career with Belgian rock acts Hindu Nail and Cunzi while Greg Gordon grew up in Johannesburg and began drumming with bands and doing some home recordings at 16. During the '80's, Dave Matthews (yeah, that one with the 'Band') lived with the Gordon family and Greg collaborated with Matthews until the future US mega-star left SA in 1986. This album, which was carefully assembled over a two-year period, is mostly a quiet and calming musical ride through songs like 'This Love', 'Stay' and 'Just Like You Said', with the exception of the more pop-focused first single, 'Dinosaur', with its lazy, grungy '60's chorus.

Right now (if Mojo magazine is at all interested), 'Forest Moon' is my favourite Sunday morning album.

Stephen Segerman, SA Rockdigest, January 2003

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All info supplied by John Samson, April 2003

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