The Dolly Rockers

Cape Town Alt.Rock band formed in 1990


  • Consume Me EP (1992)
    5 track EP including 'Book I Write' and 'Heart Hits The Ground'
  • The Dolly Rockers (1995)
  • Glory Glory (March 2002)
  • The Heat (December 2003)


  • Greg Donnelly: vocals
  • Stuart Crawford-Browne: guitar
  • Anthony Bull: bass
  • Arnold Vermaak: drums (1992-95)
  • Pitchie Rommelaere: guitar replaced Stuart Crawford-Browne
  • Matthew Gervias: drums (2003)


The Dolly Rockers were formed back in 1990 by Greg Donnelly (vocals) with Anthony Bull (bass), Stuart Crawford-Browne (guitar) and Arnold Vermaak (drums). It was this line-up that recorded the earlier 'Consume Me' EP (which was only released on vinyl) and which produced the single 'Heart Hits The Ground'. The EP was produced by Pierre "Pitchie" Rommelaere, who replaced Crawford-Browne on guitar in the band's line-up.

A nation-wide tour, and unreleased 2nd album followed, before the band temporarily disbanded and Donnelly went on to form Waxy O'Connor. Then in 2001, what began as a Greg Donnelly solo album project, soon turned into a Dolly Rockers reunion album with Pitchie Rommelaere on guitar (and producing) and Anthony Bull returning on bass.

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