The Upsetters

...featuring Andy Keiller, Louis McKelvey, Gregory "Allen" Plotz and others


Seven Singles

  • Daddy Rolling Stone/ Pain In My Heart, Continental PD.7-9012, 1965


    'Daddy Rolling Stone' was originally recorded by
    The Who:
    Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/ Daddy Rolling Stone - The Who, Decca FM. 7-7157, 1965

    Daddy Rolling Stone - The Who

  • Down Home Girl/ Boom Boom (unreleased)


  • Andy Keiller: vocals
  • Louis Mckelvy: lead guitar
  • Leon Booysen: bass guitar
  • Colin Pratley: drums
  • George Hill: drums his brother Frank played drums on 'Daddy Rolling Stone'
  • Gregory "Allen" Plotz: drums
  • Jesse Sumares: bass guitar

Andy Keiller

What happened to my album?

    Seven Singles

  • Find My Baby/ High Heel Sneakers (unreleased acetate)
  • Find My Baby/ Elaine, Continental PD. 7-8936, 1965



  • Round About Midnight, Gallotone, ???, 1966

    Tracks: As The Rain Beats On My Windows (A Keiller)/ Anytime (A Keiller)/ Let It Rock/ Rambler (A Keiller)/ Mystery Train/ ????
Teenage Personality, 12 May 1966:

Andy Keiller is a local boy, but he was born in England. He is more than just a local boy - he is a talented, versatile local boy - and Andy wrote most of the songs on his new Gallotone album,called Round About Midnight, himself. You will like this - round about midnight or round about any other time of any day. More please Andy!

Louis McKelvey

Jeff Curtis and the Flames

(Louis McKelvey stands second from the left, circa 1961)

Gregory "Allen" Plotz



  • Roots, Live At The Roxy (featuring Greg Plotz on vocals), TRC TOP401, 1986

    Front Cover

    Back Cover

    Tracks: Maybelline/ Route 66/ Blueberry Hill/ I Got My Mojo Workin'/ Stormy Monday Blues/Is This The Way You Look?/ Parchman Farm/ Don't You Lie To Me/ Truckers Blues/ I'm A Man

  • Buddy Holly Story, BGM Records CDBSP(WM)2011, 1993

    CD Cover

    Track: Chantily Lace Greg Plotz played the Big Bopper in the Buddy Holly show

George Hill

George Hill

Leon Booysen

Leon Booysen

Jesse Sumares

Jesse Sumares

Colin Pratley

Colin Pratley

Keiller and McKelvey in Canada

(Our Generation and The Influence)

    Seven Singles

  • Out To Get Light/ Cool Summer, Our Generation: featuring Louis McKelvey on lead guitar

  • I Want To Live/ Driving Me Wild, Orange OAS 2001, 1969, Influence: featuring Andy Keiller and Louis McKelvey


  • Influence, ABC ABCS 630, 1968

    Tracks: Overture/ I Admire/ I Don't Know Why/ County Fair/ Mad Birds Of Prey/ Pieces Of Me/ Baby That's My Bag/ Sir Archibald/ We Are Here/ Natural Impulse/ Dream Woman

  • Influence Live, Recorded Live At The Electric Theatre In Chigaco, 1968 (unreleased)

Influence On Stage


(Andrew Keiller and Dave Wynn)


(Andrew Keiller and Bob Parkins)


(Andrew Keiller, Bob Parkins and Jack Geisinger)


(Andrew Keiller, Louis Mckelvey and Walter Rossi)


Web page meaningfully INFLUENCE(D) by Andrew Keiller (Melbourne), Leon Booysen (Durban), Greg Plotz (Gauteng) and Louis McKelvey (Toronto). Many thanks for all the photographs and information.

Tertius Louw, August 2001

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