Springbok Hit Parade: 1965 - 1971

No 1 Hit Records: SA Pressings


album The Bee Gees: Massachusettes
World/ And the sun will shine/ Demons never forget/ Really and sincerity/ Birdie told me/ With the sun in my eyes/ Massachusetts/ Harry Braff/ Day time girl/ The ernest of being George/ The change is made/ Horizontal
Release info:
Horizontal: Polydor LPHM 84711

# 8 UK Chart Album

  • Seven Single: Massachusetts/ Barker, Polydor PD 9289

    picture sleeve single

    album The Monkees:
    Daydream Believer
    Dream world/ Auntie's municipal court/ We were made for each other/ Tapioca tundra/ Daydream believer/ Writing wrongs/ I'll be back on my feet/ The poster/ P.O. Box 9847/ Magnolia Simms/ Valeri/ Zor and Zam
    Release info:
    The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees:
    RCA Victor 32-378

  • Seven Single: Daydream believer/ Goin' down, RCA Victor 42.000

    Four Jacks And A Jill:
    Master Jack
    I looked back/ You and me and happiness/ You're the boy I wanna marry/ Mama said/ Sugartown/ Let love come between us/ Baby's gone/ Master Jack/ All I have to do is dream/ Summer avenue/ Small talk/ Hamba Liliwam
    Release info:
    Four Jacks And A Jill, RCA Victor 32-335

  • Seven Single: Master Jack/ I looked back, RCA Victor 42.004

    album The Troggs: Love Is All Around
    Little red donkey/ Too much of a good thing/ Butterflies and bees/ All of the time/ Seventeen/ Somewhere my girl is waiting/ It's showing/ Her emotion/ When will the rain come/ My lady/ Come the day/ Love is all around
    Release info:
    Cellophane: Fontana TL 645

  • Seven Single: Love is all around/ When will the rain come, Fontana TF 813

    picture sleeve

    album John Fred And His Playboy Band: Judy In Disguise
    Up and down/ Judy in disguise/ Off the wall/ Out of left field/ She shot a whole in my soul/ Most unlikely to succeed/ Agnes English/ When the lights go out/ No good to cry/ Sometimes you just can't win/ Sad story/ AcHenall riot
    Release info:
    Agnes English: Pye PL 2135

  • Seven Single: Judy in disguise/ When the lights go out, Pye PY 173

    album Manfred Mann: Mighty Quinn
    Big Betty/ Each and every day/ No better no worse/ Ha! ha! said the clown/ The vicar's daughter/ Mighty Quinn/ Country dancing/ It's so easy falling/ My name is Jack/ Cubist town/ By request - Edwin Garvey/ Feeling so good
    Release info:
    What A Mann: Fontana TL 652

  • Seven Single: Mighty Quinn/ By request - Edwin Garvey, Fontana TF 817

    album Paul Mauriat: Love Is Blue
    Love is blue/ A man and a woman/ Fascination/ Winchester cathedral/ La vie en rose/ This is my song/ C'est si bon/ Puppet on a string/ Autumn leaves/ There's a kind of hush/ L'important c'est la rose/ Somethin' stupid
    Release info:
    Love Is Blue: Philips PSK 3303

  • Seven Single: Love is blue/ Seuls ad monde, Philips SSP 988

    album Tom Jones: Delilah
    Delilah/ I'm coming home/ Things I wanna do/ And I tell the sea/ Key to my heart/ To wait for love/ Where do you belong/ The lonely one/ Smile/ I've got a heart/ Love is a burning thing/ The rose/ I need your loving/ I still love you
    Release info:
    Delilah: Decca SKL 4471

    #1 UK Chart Album

  • Extended Play Single: Delilah, Decca DFE 6479

    ep single

    Tracks: Delilah/ I'm coming home/ Smile/ The lonely one

  • Seven Single: Delilah/ Smile, Decca FM 7387

    picture sleeve

    LM Hit Parade #17 - 23 June 1968 [no details available on highest chart position]

    album 1910 Fruitgum Co: Simon Says
    Pop Goes The Weasel/ Keep Your Thoughts On The Bright Side/ Magic Windmill/ The Year 2001/ Soul Struttin'/ Simon Says/ May I Take A Giant Step/ Bubble Gum World/ Happy Little Teardrops/ The Story Of Flipper/ (Poor Old) Mr. Jensen
    Release info:
    Simon Says: Kama Sutra, KSL 506

  • Seven Single: Simon says/ Reflections From The Looking Glass, Kama Sutra KSS 13

    LM Hit Parade #6 - 23 June 1968 [no details available on highest chart position]

    b&w image of original album cover Louis Armstrong:
    What A Wonderful World
    What a wonderful world/ Bill Bailey/ You want someone to love/ Hapiness is hellzapoppin/ Caberet/ The sunshine of love/ I'll take care of your cares/ When the saints go marching in/ What a wonderful world
    Release info:
    What A Wonderful World: ABC-Paramount ABL 94

    #37 UK Chart Album

  • ABC-Paramount also issued the album The Sunshine Of Love on ABC 100 during 1968.


    Tracks: What a wonderful world/ Cabaret/ The home fire/ Dream a little dream of me/ Give me your kisses/ The sunshine of love/ Hello brother/ There must be a way/ Fantastic, that's you/ I guess I'll get the papers and go home/ Hellzapoppin'

  • Seven Single: What a wonderful world/ Cabaret, ABC-Paramount ABS 39

    LM Hit Parade #4 - 30 June 1968


    Quentin E Klopjeager:
    Lazy Life
    Sad Simon lives again/ What a woman does/ Ain't gonna lie/ Dandy/ I can guarantee you love/ Lazy life/ 98.6/ I can hear the darkness/ Not going to mersey square/ Jane/ On the way up/ Lovers lane wednesday
    Release info:
    Sad Simon Lives Again, Troubadour, TRL-E-1319

  • Seven Single: Lazy life/ The long way home, Troubadour TRS - E - 9093

    picture sleeve

    LM Hit Parade #3 - 14 July 1968

    album Hillary: Sunglasses
    Sunglasses/ Just you, just me/ When I dance with you/ Don't break my pretty balloon/ I believe in love/ Halfway to paradise/ Under my beach umbrella/ Love of the common people/ My boy lollipop/ Lazy life/ Silly girl, silly boy/ Honey
    Release info:
    Sunglasses: Renown NLP 299

  • Seven Single: Sunglasses/ Love is blue, Renown N1420

    picture sleeve

    LM Hit Parade #1 - 28 July 1968

    album The Equals: Baby Come Back
    Hold me closer/ Can't find a girl to love me/ Baby, come back/ Ding-dong/ My life ain't easy/ I'm a poor man/ I won't be there/ You lied just to save your name/ To the church/ Fire/ Hey baby, it's time you got going/ Can't you hear that melody
    Release info:
    Unequalled: Parlophone PMCJ 113

    #10 UK Chart Album

  • Seven Single: Baby come back/ Giddy up a ding dong, Parlophone SPD ???

    LM Hit Parade #1 - 18 & 25 Aug 1968

    album Tom Jones: Help Yourself
    Help yourself/ I can't beak the news to myself/ The bed/ Set me free/ I get carried away/ This house/ So afraid/ If I promise/ If you go away/ My girl Maria/ All I can say is goodbye
    Release info:
    Help Yourself: SKL 4982

    #4 UK Chart Album

  • Extended Play Single: Help Yourself, Decca DFE 6481

    ep single

    Tracks: Help yourself/ Day by day/ And I tell the sea/ The rose

  • Seven Single: Help yourself/ Day by day, Decca FM 7409

    picture sleeve

    LM Hit Parade #1- 15 & 22 Sept 1968

    album The Flames:
    For Your Precious Love
    Lost/ If you think you're groovy/ For your precious love/ I was made to love her/ Useless illusions/ Try a little tenderness/ Restless/ A place in the sun/ Wishes/ Solitude/ You keep me hanging on
    Release info:
    Soul Fire: Rave RMG 1234

  • Seven Single: For your precious love/ A place in the sun, Rave R307

    picture sleeve

  • The Flames were the first non-white group who entered and achieved success on the national charts. The single became a massive hit and soon moved into the coveted #1 position on the Springbok charts. The song's success resulted in the Flames being short listed as nominees for a SARI award, but the organisers soon realised that the venue for the gala event, the Wanderers Club, was a whites only venue and decided not to proceed with an official nomination. Although the country's apartheid laws prevented the Flames Aus Parlophone albumUK Page One album from becoming the first black recipients of a SARI award, their popularity grew internationally and their album Burning Soul was released in the UK and Australia. For Your Precious Love remained an all time favourite in South Africa and is still enjoying regular airplay on radio stations throughout South Africa. Let's hope Arts & Culture in South Africa someday recognise the phenomenal talent of these 4 men who hailed from Kwazulu-Natal and award them the "SARI" they thoroughly deserved way back in 1968!

  • AlbumBoth Oscar Toney Jr and the Flames charted with For your precious love and between them they kept the song in the Springbok charts for almost 4 months! Oscar Toney Jr's album was issued in South Africa by EMI on Stateside JSL 5037 and also featured his other local hit That's all I want from you.

    For Your Precious Love
    Oscar Toney Jr Week Chart Position The Flames Week Chart Position
    * 02.08.68 15 - - -
    * 09.08.68 12 - - -
    * 16.08.68 6 - - -
    * 23.08.68 4 - - -
    * 30.08.69 3 - - -
    * 6.09.68 5 * 6.09.68 17
    * 13.09.68 11 * 13.09.68 8
    * 20.09.68 15 * 20.09.68 6
    - - - * 27.09.68 3
    - - - * 4.10.68 1
    - - - * 11.10.69 3
    - - - * 18.10.68 6
    - - - * 25.10.68 9
    - - - * 1.11.68 11
    - - - * 8.11.69 14
    - - - * 15.11.68 20

    album Cornelia: Picking Up Pebbles
    Los pescador/ Men of steel, ships of wood/ Circle game/ Picking up pebbles/ Picture perfect/ That's my song/ I wanna live/ Suzanne/ Until it's time for you to go/ Give me besides my daily bread/ Master Jack in German/ There but for fortune
    Release info:
    I Wanna Live: RCA Victor 32-384

    Seven Single: Picking up pebbles/ Men of steel, ships of wood, RCA Victor 42.049

    LM Hit Parade #1 - 10 Nov 1968

    album The Bee Gees:
    I've Gotta Get A Message To You
    Let there be love/ Kitty can/ In the summer of his years/ Indian gin and whiskey dry/ Down to earth/ I've gotta get a message to you/ When the swallows fly/ I've decided to join the airforce/ I started a joke/ Kilburn towers/ Swan song
    Release info:
    Idea: Polydor LPHM 84169

    #4 UK Chart Album

  • Extended Play Single:

    ep single

    Tracks: Gotta get a message to you/ Kitty Can/ To love somebody/ Close another door

  • Seven Single: I've gotta get a message to you/ Kitty Can, Polydor PD 9406

    picture sleeve

    LM Hit Parade #2 - 20 Oct 1968

    b&w image of original album cover Percy Sledge:
    My Special Prayer
    The dark end of the street/ You send me/ I had a talk with my woman/ What am I living for/ I've been loving you too long/ Tell it like it is / My special prayer / Drown in my own tears/ Just out of reach (of my two empty arms)/ Pledging my love/ You don't miss your water
    Release info:
    The Percy Sledge Way: Atlantic ALA 9054

  • Seven Single: My special prayer/ Drown in my own tears, Atlantic ATS 421

    LM Hit Parade #2 - 17 Nov 1968

    single The Tremeloes: My Little Lady
    Release info:
    Single not featured on album

  • Seven Single: My little lady/ All the world to me, CBS SSC 966

    LM Hit Parade #3 - 1 Dec 1968

    Tertius Louw, April 2005